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Become an Emissary

Your insights are valuable - we’ll connect you with the salesperson that needs them most.

Learn More About Emissary

Emissary is a New York based startup radically rethinking the way sales teams operate.

An “Emissary” is a member of our exclusive community of senior executives. Emissaries partner with senior sales professionals (our clients) to help them conquer their most important sales goals.

The team here at Emissary matches you with our clients who are looking for guidance on their sales opportunities. The matching process requires no effort on your part, and you’ll be matched with a client that needs your unique insights. These private partnerships run in 30 or 60 day cycles and are a combination of emails and short phone calls. You should expect to spend more than one but less than five hours of your time each month.

FAQs For Emissaries

What about confidential info / trade secrets?

We set expectations with both our clients and advisors that confidential or proprietary information is not to be shared or requested during an assignment. In the unlikely event you are asked something out of bounds, you should decline to answer and let a member of our Emissary support team know.

Can I be an Emissary while having a full-time position?

Absolutely! Your time-commitment as an Emissary is a maximum of 3 hours over the course of an engagement. Our clients are flexible in setting up calls to work around your schedule. For emails, the expectations is that Emissaries respond within 1-2 business days. We have Emissaries from Director through C-Level, and we have built our model to allow for high quality advice from people who don’t have much time.

There’s no way I’ll only spend 1-3 hours on this.

We track the number of hours an Emissary spends during a cycle and over 85% of the time they spend fewer than 3 hours in a given month. However, if you do end up feeling that you’re not being compensated fairly, we work to fix that. We want to make sure that both sides, our clients and Emissaries, are receiving value from our service.

I can’t really consult within my current industry. I see it as a conflict.

Most of Emissary’s clients are vendors looking to understand how best to do business in a given industry or with a given target company. Most of the time, you’ll be assisting a company outside of your industry. You always have the option to decline an assignment offered to you.

Can you provide me more context on what your clients need?

Unfortunately, until you are officially in our advisor community we have to be relatively vague about the opportunity. After the invite is completed and we speak to the client to figure out who the best fit for the engagement is, we’re able to tell you exactly who the client is and what they’re looking for so that you can ultimately make the decision of whether or not you would like to take on the assignment.

You can read more in our code of conduct.

Will I be compensated?

We offer compensation at competitive rates based on the format and duration of cycles.

How am I paid?

Via check or electronic transfer. Payments are generally received by Emissaries 10 days after submission of necessary information. Please note that some international destinations may be slightly longer. Emissaries in the US are treated as a 1099/ W-9 contractor.

Am I expected to make introductions? I’m not comfortable doing that.

Introductions are not expected or required in any way. Sometimes Emissaries who see a mutual benefit between their network and their client will make an introduction, but the Emissary is always in control. For a sales team, knowledge about their buyers is incredibly valuable. By understanding more about their buyers, the account executive can tailor their offering to be maximally effective. They can be a smart partner instead of an uninformed salesperson. Our expectations for Emissaries is to act as coaches, helping their clients be better situated to do business with a given company or within a given industry.

I’ve never heard of - tell me more about it.

We raised our seed round of funding near the end of 2013 from Google and The New York Times. We’re also backed by Canaan Partners and BoldStart among other investors. Our Founder and CEO, David Hammer, worked at Google in Ad-Tech, prior to founding Emissary.

What types of B2B clients do you work with?

At the moment most of our B2B clients are technology clients, but we have clients in all verticals.

What types of Agencies do you work with?

We work with marketing and advertising agencies of all sizes - from boutique to the largest agencies in the country.

Does the client see my profile?

The client only sees your anonymized profile. When the the engagement begins, the client will generally know your first name and previous position. And of course, at that point, the engagements are fully confidential.

Can clients use my name?

No, clients are not permitted to use your name without your permission.

I’ll have to check with my legal and compliance department

This is common for Emissaries in certain industries like financial services, but remember, you will never be providing information about your current company and never any confidential or proprietary information. You’ll only be asked to share your experience about previous places you have worked.

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