What your sellers don’t know costs you
  • revenue.
  • customers.
  • market share.
  • champions.
  • pipeline.
  • enterprise value.
  • revenue.

Unlock enterprise revenue by providing your sellers with on-demand insights and deal coaching for their key accounts.

Revenue-boosting insights for every stage

Enterprise deals are hard to find, manage and close. Emissary accelerates sales processes by replacing guesswork with insights and alerting enterprise sellers to risks they can’t learn anywhere else.

Use the same data as your competitors, and you’ll get the same account plans.

Stand out from your competition with C-level account insights that no one else offers.

“First in wins.”

Get to power in target accounts before the competition by learning who makes decisions and why.

You get one shot to pitch an economic buyer.

Boost odds of a win by role-playing proposals ahead of time with actual executives.

Sellers lose when procurement wins.

Gain an edge and close for higher values with guidance from those who understand buying dynamics.

Spend more time selling.

Unlike other information providers, Emissary doesn’t merely aggregate data scraped from the internet. We offer platform-based insights and 1:1 deal coaching specifically tailored to help sales teams navigate complex deals more effectively.

You can use Emissary to:

Qualify accounts to ensure you are targeting companies with needs and budgets that align with your solution.

Refine the scope and positioning of your solution by ensuring it meets the needs and goals of an intended audience.

Anticipate potential deal blockers by proactively identifying and assessing various factors that could impede it.

What is Emissary?

Few factors accelerate prospecting and deal velocity more than when sellers have an inside connection to an account from their network. Unfortunately for sellers, those relationships are rare and impossible to scale on demand.

Emissary solves that challenge by giving enterprise sellers insights and meaningful human connections into their top accounts.

The Emissary Touch

We provide insights by recruiting executives from the world’s most valuable companies who are surveyed to provide selling tips and insight into the who, what, how and when those companies make tech buying decisions.

These same executives are then available to hold 1:1 coaching calls to help sellers formulate and execute effective account strategies.

Whether that’s completing an account plan, finding a champion, preparing for a call or unsticking a deal – you’ll sell faster and close for more with Emissary in your corner.

Stop guessing and start selling with insights into 1000s of companies such as:

Why Use Emissary?

“Have a guy” when you don’t have a guy.

The best way into an enterprise account? Your friend is an exec there and gives you the lay of the land. –

That’s the edge Emissary gives you – in every account.

Get enterprise-grade insights for enterprise account plans.

Using SMB-grade intent data to penetrate enterprise accounts is no better than bringing a knife to a gun fight.

We built Emissary to deliver dynamic information that will make or break
enterprise account plans.

Know – and trust – where your sales insights come from.

No black boxes.
No dark funnels.
No excuses.

Our insights come directly from the executives who run your enterprise accounts. Need to know more? Just ask them by leveraging our 1:1
coaching calls.

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