What We Do

Not Just Another Sales Intelligence Platform

B2B buyers expect many things from sellers, but one above all else — “Show me you know me.” As a result, today’s companies have invested in a myriad of solutions to achieve this, from contact databases and buyer intent data to custom reports and more. Still, critical gaps remain. Your team may know how to contact key stakeholders, but do they truly understand how to effectively connect with them? With our primary-sourced, human-centric sales intelligence platform, they will.

Emissary Knowledge provides first-hand insights into target accounts, elevating enterprise sellers’ understanding of a company’s tech buying decisions. This information is gleaned from our proprietary advisor network, which is composed of former and current tech-buying executives from the world’s largest and most complex companies.

We Arm Sales Teams With Key Firsthand Insights On:

Account-Specific Selling Tips

Leverage vital firsthand “dos and don’ts” from thousands of the world’s largest and most complex organizations.

Tech Spend Drivers

Gain a deeper understanding of what drives tech spending at your target organizations, and how you can make an impact.

Tech Preferences and Biases

Explore how decisions are made directly from former decision-makers at your top organizations.

Buying Processes: Steps, Teams and Timeframes

Know what to expect with a firsthand lens into the buying processes of your target organizations.

Tech Alignment: Partners and Vendors

Ensure full tech alignment between your team and the partners and vendors of thousands of top businesses across all industries.

Get 1:1 Deal Coaching

And if that’s not enough, you can build upon the information found in Knowledge by scheduling one-on-one sessions with any one of our 7k+ advisors, giving you the keys to customize each conversation to best suit your specific needs, where an advisor can help:

  • Collaborate on how a specific presentation or talk track will land with a buying group
  • Learn the lay of the land within a target organization that has a need for your offering
  • Strategize on how to best position a specific solution
  • Roleplay an upcoming interaction
  • Get a deal that is stuck back on the move

Need Something Even More Bespoke?

Go beyond Knowledge and coaching calls to leverage advisors for their insights delivered through a wide range of custom sales intelligence solutions, including:

Account Planning Participation

Pressure test a quarterly or annual account plan.

Content Marketing Reviews

Get suggestions on how to make your content more compelling.



Have an advisor sit on a panel, or present at an in-person or virtual event, such as at a SKO.

Focus Group


Get feedback on offerings, features, messaging and more.



Have an advisor role-play to coach and provide feedback to sellers.