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Tech marketers were some of the very first to adopt ABM as a strategy distinct from inbound and traditional lead generation. In the beginning, account-based marketing for enterprise tech marketers was simply an account list and a high-value direct mail campaign. Over time, this was replaced with ABM platform features around paid ads and email. In reality, ABM—when matured—is a more complex and more impactful motion involving constant decisions.

In this guide we look at the 5 components of successful account based marketing for enterprise tech marketers with recommendations and actionable steps on how you can optimally address  each of these components for your own ABM program.

Includes Checklist: to make sure that you are equipped to execute ABM at this next level, and to earn more than your fair share of today’s explosive tech spend.

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Technology companies were early adopters of account-based marketing (ABM): utilizing personalization strategies to engage B2B buyers earlier, uncover more opportunities, and close bigger deals.

With the pandemic curtailing events and other traditional demand generation tactics, ABM was pushed even further into the spotlight, with many coining 2021 as “the year of ABM.” Today, three-quarters of technology organizations deploy ABM as part of their go-to-market.

However, just having an ABM program isn’t enough anymore. ABM programs require dedicated tools, budgets, and resourcing. This expense puts pressure on ABM leaders to maximize their programs’ ROI. In addition, the variables that feed ABM programs change rapidly in today’s market. There is no “set it and forget it” option for ABM. Success is derived from continuously reevaluating and refining your approach.

The good news for tech companies is that tech spend continues to grow explosively. When Emissary surveyed our buyer network of 12,000+ executives, over three-quarters reported larger YOY budgets for technology investment. The less exciting news: Buyers also shared that their buying processes are more complex. Technology purchases of less than $250,000 take over eight months on average and involve five or more cross-functional decision-makers. Further, the buyers in our studies admit that they are increasingly difficult to impress, with 70 percent seeing sales relationships as stagnant.

If you add a growing competitive set to this buyer complexity, you end up with some serious headwinds for revenue teams.

Download the Guide

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