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Emissary recently did a survey of our advisors and in 85% of recent purchases someone in finance played a significant role on the buying committee.  So on today’s Buyer’s Seat we are going to talk about how to sell to the CFO and those decision-makers.

To give us the buyer’s point of view, we are pleased to have Jon Pedersen with us. Jon has been a CFO for over 20 years including his current role at HealthPlanOne and previously at iHeart Media-Markets, among others.

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Featuring Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research & Strategy Officer at Emissary and Emissary Advisor Jon Pedersen, former CFO, iHeartMedia.  In this episode we take a look at:

  • The increasing presence of finance leaders on the buying committee and in decision-making roles.
  • How to build a valuable partner and potential champion among the finance team.
  • The advantages of including the finance team earlier in the sales process.
  • The increasing importance of alignment between Finance, Business & IT units across the industry.

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