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In the Emissary Buyer Snapshot for Summer 2021 Playbook, we asked 191 senior executives, responsible for billions of dollars in technology spend, how they view the barrage of outreach they receive from IT vendor and technology marketers and sellers. They shared what stands out—both positively and negatively—when it comes to communication channels, tone, messaging, and content.

Of course, getting the attention of buyers has never been easy. Investment in ABM, demand generation, SDR teams, digital marketing efforts, and more is the norm. But the data shows that today’s volume of outreach is overwhelming buyers, making this perpetual challenge even harder.

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it’s not surprising that sellers and marketers are seeing diminishing returns on outreach efforts. In fact, response rates on sales emails in the tech/software market have declined 25 percent over the last year.

Yet, proactive IT vendor outreach can still be an effective component of demand generation, ABM, and prospecting activities. To learn how, we asked technology buyers themselves. We surveyed 191 senior executives— representing billions in tech spend—how they responded (or didn’t) to the increased outreach.

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