Economists are divided. There are signs of looming recession: consecutive quarters of shrinking US GDP, high inflation, and low consumer confidence. Yet, the job market remains strong. Corporations are profitable and cash positive. And Forrester predicts that technology spend will continue to grow, especially in categories such as enterprise infrastructure software. The result is mixed opinions on whether a recession is on the horizon, and if so, will recovery be a hard or a soft landing. Regardless of what side economists are on, the reality for tech sellers is that buying organizations are taking notice of the divide, and the uncertainty is driving a more cautious approach to investing. In this guide, we walk through seven tips on how to sell technology solutions amidst a slowdown.

Guide to Selling Through a Slowdown: Maximize Your 2023 Results

No two downturns are exactly alike. Yet lessons learned from past disruptions can be applied to today’s increasingly cautious marketplace. Anticipating changes to buying processes and taking a proactive approach will lead to better outcomes for both sellers and buyers.

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