Sales account plan

“Red sky at morning; sailors take warning!”

Seafarers have long noticed that red skies at sunrise are often followed by dangerous weather. Ultimately, this was determined to be linked to the moisture-laden atmosphere as a low-pressure system moves in behind retreating high pressure. This rule of thumb has been passed down over two thousand years as a cue to batten down the hatches and prepare for rough seas.

Similarly, the most successful account executives and their leaders can look at an account plan and predict stormy weather ahead. Their experience allows them to see things that others don’t and identify issues well before they are problematic.

How can you tell if there is a red sunrise in your account plan? In this guide we give you:

  • 9 signs your sales account plan is risky
  • Why it means trouble
  • What you can do about it.

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Will these nine gaps doom your plans? Not always. Sometimes you get lucky, and a crimson morning doesn’t lead to squally weather. But why depend on sales luck any more than you have to? Scan your plans and those of your colleagues for these early warning signs. Take corrective action, and earn the right for smoother sailing.


Need help correcting your account plan course?

Emissary Advisors, former executive-level technology buyers within your accounts, can help you fill in account plan gaps, develop potential actions and act as a sounding board for strategies. For more information on how to access this network, contact us at

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