omnichannel retail tech

Will retail technology trends be short-term or drive permanent changes to the retail technology landscape?

Featuring Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research & Strategy Officer at Emissary and Emissary Advisor Mike Robinson.

In today’s Buyer’s Seat we are going to take a vertical focus and take a closer look at the retail industry. Today we have Mike Robinson with us. Mike has over 15 years in the retail eco-system including executive digital and strategy roles at Macy’s and Gap Inc. – now as a Board Member, consultant and angel investor.

Retail is one of the key industries that is showing an increased drive and interest in tech spend according to a recent survey conducted by Emissary.

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There are a host of needs that are driving this spend and are driving the future of retail technology:

  • Deeper analytics and insights
  • Driving efficiency.
  • Data security
  • Addressing concerns around supply chain disruptions.
  • Reducing friction with the customer and ensuring a good experience.
  • Enriching loyalty programs with data.
  • Getting people back in stores, but continuing to offer online, curbside and other options.