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Vital Tools for Sales Teams — And More

The Emissary Knowledge platform, coaching, and add-ons offer strong support to B2B sales teams, but their value expands into other commercial functions. More than just tools for sales teams, our offerings power the work of marketing and product functions to enhance a variety of activities.

How Emissary Can Support Your Team

Product Marketing

Build and refine personas more effectively and craft messaging and content more strategically using data-driven insights from those who know your target organizations the best.


Prioritize accounts, develop more effective strategies with the sales team, and build programs that have a greater chance of success.

Product Management

Drive innovative research and monitor market trends more effectively with a clearer insight into what gaps real businesses in your market are facing, and how new or enhanced solutions can address them.

Content Marketing

More effectively connect with buyers using a language and approach best suited to your specific targets.

Field Marketing

Engage with account-specific profiles without paying exorbitant fees.

Sales Management

Coach reps more effectively using highly nuanced information that cannot be gleaned from traditional intelligence sources.

Rev Ops

Better identify potential accounts and segments and ensure that deal desk activities have the information they need to promote accelerated revenue growth.


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