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What to Expect When Your Target Accounts are in the Technology Industry too?

Featuring Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research & Strategy Officer at Emissary and Emissary Advisor Kyle Okamato, General Manager of IoT Ericcson.

In this Buyer’s Seat we are going to take a vertical focus and look specifically at technology companies. When it comes to selling tech to tech companies, there are some extra wrinkles that come into play. Sometimes you find that the people you are selling to have more technology capability than you do.

To help us think through these nuances, we have Kyle Okamoto, General Manager, IoT with Ericsson and formerly with Verizon Media. Kyle has over 20 years experience as a technology executive and currently he leads several emerging tech businesses for Ericsson, and he also has a number of boards in the space so he’s got a huge amount of experience buying technology and working with a range of vendor partners.

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