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The security space is booming: security spend is growing at over 13 percent, with a projected spend of over $150B.  Yet, despite such broad demand, closing security sales remains challenging .

In a recent survey, only 31% of CISO’s are finding the value they need from vendor salespeople.

There are 6 major missteps that vendor salespeople are making in security sales.  We break it down into:

  • What are the major gaps from the CISO perspective.
  • How each of these missteps are within the salesperson’s control to fix.
  • Guided questions to analyze and improve your sales approach.

Sellers aren’t making the grade (at least not yet.) There is a huge opportunity for security sales vendors and their salespeople to stand out in a very crowded marketplace. In this report, we pull key insights into how sales teams can better position themselves and engage with CISOs.

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Selling Security Sales?

CISO’s budget and influence is growing: 68 percent of CISOs are controlling more tech purchases. Boards and senior executives are more tuned into security than ever before. Security executives are more tightly connected to business. And worldwide trends such as cloud usage, digital CX, and remote work are colliding with an unprecedented number of threats. Cyberattacks increased 38% in 2022 with organizations experiencing upwards of 1,000 attempts per week.

The good news for salespeople is that security solutions are in high demand, and increasing numbers of businesses, departments, and functions support the need for greater investment. The bad news is that the industry is enormous and growing by the day in terms of organizations, products, and salespeople. It is hard to stand out in the crowd and earn the access you need to be successful. Avoiding these missteps will increase your chances of breaking through the clutter and building deeper and more long-lasting client relationships.

Gain the competitive advantage to produce better sales outcomes with inside insights on what CISO’s are looking for and tips specifically for security sales teams:


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