How has the enterprise software buying process transformed as organizations fully exit pandemic-era approaches and prepare for potential economic challenges in 2023?

Emissary surveyed over 1,000 executive-level buyers within our human intelligence network, narrowing down data to those (673) who had recently participated in a technology purchase of over $250,000 USD. These participants represent fourteen different industries and are director-level and above. They share experiences from their work in large (F5000 or larger) organizations.

The difference between winning and coming in second is highly influenced by factors under seller control.

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In this guide, we walk through:

  • Buying cycles and decision-makers involved.
  • What selection criteria really separates first place from the runner-ups.
  • What factors trump costs in selecting a vendor.
  • How the buying process varies by industry sector and economic outlook.
  • The role of procurement in the process.

The bad news for sellers is that buying processes remain complex and overcrowded. The good news? Sellers have control over the differentiating criteria between winning and coming in second . Sellers should beware of common pitfalls that can impact their chances for success.


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