Coaching a Sales Team through Uncertainty

Whether current economic headwinds are officially a recession or simply ‘tough times,’ the environment is stalling and shrinking tech deals. Like most market changes, the burden for navigation rests on the shoulders of the sales leadership team. As the lynchpin of the sales organization, leaders are the connection between sellers, corporate and customers. But when teams are reduced, budgets are slashed, and demands rise, where should managers concentrate their scarce resources? This guide offers six key strategies for sales leaders focused on coaching a sales team, thereby ensuring your team stays buoyant in the rough waters. 

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Sales management is “the hardest job in sales.” In today’s uncertain market, it’s even harder. Yet, due to internal budget cuts, managers get even less organizational support than before. So, what can you do? The best bet is a return to the basics of management: hire the right people, create an environment that encourages them and equip them with guidance and support. The caution is that each one of those components will look different now than it did 18 months ago. By focusing on a targeted list of near-term must-dos managers can achieve success in the current environment while also creating high performing teams for the future. Sales teams who can win in this environment will be unbeatable when conditions improve! 

Integrate Emissary into Your Strategy for Coaching a Sales Team for Optimum Outcomes 

Emissary serves as a human intelligence network linking enterprise sales and marketing professionals directly to a network of over 12,000 talented senior and C-level executives across a vast array of vertical markets. These insiders from various industries bring fresh experiences from your most crucial accounts. Coaching has been verified to boost sales results, but its implementation and execution can be tricky. Improve your existing coaching methods by incorporating Emissary sessions concentrated on pivotal engagements and deals. 

Emissary Advisors excel as deal coaches. Given their past experience as industry leaders, they have collaborated with numerous sellers and understand how to deliver the right messages to buyers. They assist sellers in preparing for every step and evaluating progress, making each interaction more effective and increasing the chances of closing successful deals. 

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