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Emissary For Sales Teams

Strategic Sales Insights

How Emissary Helps Sales Teams 

Enterprise sales teams leverage Emissary across all stages of their sales cycles. Our solutions give sellers the strategic sales insights they need to prioritize accounts, pitch to the C-level, and close larger deals, faster.

The Emissary network has the inside perspective on who buys, why they buy, and how they do it. These strategic sales insights help organizations sell more strategically and efficiently, gaining a steep advantage over the competition.

account planning

Fill in the missing pieces of your account strategy. Get hyper-targeted by mapping the organization, uncovering the growth opportunities, and clarifying the personalities and politics which hold the keys to long-term relationship building.

sales process

Win bigger deals faster by aligning to your clients’ specific buying processes. Outshine competitors by tightly linking proposals to client realities, building impactful business cases, and knowing exactly how (and when) to navigate procurement.

sales enablement

Add the buyer voice into your sales kickoffs and training courses. Get more out of your sales methodologies by infusing planning with account intelligence, and by practicing calls with real executive-level buyers.

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Emissary By the Numbers 

Sales organizations use Emissary to create opportunities and accelerate them through the funnel, earning new business and growing existing accounts:

Seller Benefits

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Program ROI

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Ready to Leverage the Emissary Human Intelligence Network?

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Insights to Drive Sales Teams’ Success

Emissary insights come in many forms. From reports on industry trends to 1:1 whiteboarding sessions, we get you the strategic sales insights you need in the best format for you and your team. 

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Inform and shape account strategies for lead conversion, opportunity acceleration, and expansion, discussing specific contacts and opportunities.

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Assign named accounts to enterprise sellers and prioritize sales efforts within territories. This helps sellers get the greatest return on their sales time investment. 

account briefs graphic

Level-set account teams working multiple opportunities. Help sellers identify specific opportunities for expansion.

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Tailor approaches, presentations, and proposals for relevance, improving funnel conversion in vertically-structured sales teams.

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Bring the buyer point of view into sales meetings, augment QBRs with executive feedback, and provide long-term coaching and deal facilitation for critical client relationships. 

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Conduct background research on target industries, accounts, and buyer types.

Emissary in Action

Examples of how Emissary has fueled growth and accelerated sales and revenue for Sales Teams: 

“Exceeded our expectations. We are already the account’s largest provider. So it’s hard to bring meaningful insight to a team already so deeply engaged. Our Emissary Advisor did that.”
– District Manager , Cloud Data Management
“Great use of time. [It was] very hard to get meaningful information on [the] decision process and org chart without having sold to the company before and/or having an extremely strong pre-existing champion.”
– Enterprise Account Executive, Analytics and Monitoring
“[Emissary] shared insight into the organizational structure/business model, which completely changes my strategy and account approach.”
– Head of Enterprise Sales, Intelligence Provider

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