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The CISO role in buying decisions is increasingly broad. CISO’s are undoubtedly growing in number, budget and influence. To help sellers better understand this persona and how to best sell to it, we went directly to the source – 150+ CISOs and  Senior Security Executives in the Emissary Human Intelligence Network.

Every tech seller needs to impress the CISO. Why? and How?

Download Emissary’s Buyer Snapshot to gain insights on how sellers should best approach and engage with the CISO role:

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Sellers aren’t making the grade (at least not yet.) There is a huge opportunity for vendors and their salespeople to stand out in a very crowded marketplace. In this report, we pull key insights into how sales teams can better position themselves and engage with CISOs.

  • What they are looking for and value in a potential vendor.
  • What messaging resonates with them.
  • 6 key recommendations for sellers to better engage them.


Selling to CISOs?

Here are additional resources around the CISO role and persona for enterprise sales and marketing teams:


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