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About Emissary

Welcome to the Emissary community! This page is your support hub for all questions that may arise during your work with Emissary. You can always contact us directly at

Consulting with Emissary

Our model is designed to eliminate the burdens of typical freelance consulting. The client is responsible for outreach efforts, research, and content creation.

As a result, you get to focus on what you’re best at – putting yourself in a client’s shoes while tapping into what you know. Your insights help to affirm a client’s account strategy and correct any misconceptions.

How clients work with Emissary

  1. Meeting & Pitch Preparation
  2. Account Discovery
  3. Identify Opportunities
  4. Map Purchasing Journey
  5. Build an Outreach Plan
  6. Identify Champions

Types of engagements

An Emissary engagement consists of phone and email communications between yourself (the Emissary Advisor) and clients who are looking to refine their account strategy based on your feedback and experience at your former company.

As an Emissary Advisor, you will collaborate with our clients to develop a targeted account strategy with a clear plan-of-action. These conversations are typically in the format of a 1-hour phone call with the client, followed by a 30-day period of access to the client via email in case there are items either of you want to follow up on.

Email & client communication

To maintain confidentiality, we provide a dedicated dial-in number and relay email address for both you and the client to communicate.

Please note we record and transcribe every call so our clients can turn around and reference your insights throughout their sales cycle.

Participating in an Engagement

I'm signed up, now what?

If we think you may be a match for one of our clients, we will send you an email questionnaire to gauge your experience match as well as time availability for an engagement.

If there’s a match, you will receive an email confirmation indicating that the client would like to move forward.

Time commitment

Your engagement with a client may vary depending on the project. We’ll always let you know details about compensation, engagement structure, and the client upfront via email when we reach out to you about potential opportunities.

Our most common engagement style is a 1-hour phone call with the client, followed by a 30-day period of access to the client via email in case there are items either of you want to follow up on.

Engagement process

Whether you have a single call, or longer engagement with a client, our typical process is as follows:

  1. Call Scheduling: Propose or review times within Emissary Exchange to schedule the first call between yourself and the client.
  2. Before the 1st Call: Familiarize yourself with the types of topics you and the client may cover on a call. Clients may send over additional context and/or materials via your email relay — so be on the lookout!
  3. Engagement Call: Introductory call between yourself and the client. If you have any technical difficulties while attempting to dial into your conference line, please email
  4. Feedback: After the call, you’ll receive an email that asks for some quick feedback. We use this information to ensure that your call took place and your engagement is on track for success.
  5. Follow Up As Needed: A client may choose to follow up with you for a subsequent call, or correspond with you via email for help on messaging, collateral review, or follow up on progress within the account.
  6. Payment: Complete your feedback form to recap your experience and claim payment from our third-party payment provider, Veem

Our platform

Our platform, Emissary Exchange, will be your default resource for everything engagement related. On Emissary Exchange, you will be able to view and manage your engagement activities like opportunities for client engagements, scheduling, and client communication.

When viewing the page, enter your email address and password in the fields to log in. If you don’t remember your password, reset your password.

In-person meetings

From time to time, our clients request to meet our Emissary Advisors in-person throughout the course of an engagement. If location and schedules permit, and you are open to it, please feel free to coordinate at your convenience. We also offer more specialized in-person meetings between our clients and Emissary Advisors, which often require travel and a difference in fee for our advisors. If the client is requesting something more specialized, please reach out to our team so we can coordinate.


Payment & billing

Payment is issued via check or direct deposit through our 3rd party payment partner, Veem. If you need any assistance completing payment, reach out to us directly at


By using Emissary, you and all clients agree under Emissary’s terms and conditions and confidentiality policy to the following:

  • When working with a client, you may not share any confidential or proprietary information, or violate any current or ongoing NDAs.
  • All engagements on the platform are confidential – you may not reveal that you’re working with a client to anyone, without their explicit consent.
  • Clients have agreed not to reveal who they are working with (or that they are working with an Emissary at all) without explicit consent.
  • We ask for information that’s necessary for the adequate performance of Emissary Exchange. Parts of your profile, such as only your first name and your experience, may be shared with current clients. These clients are legally bound not to share your information with third parties.
  • Our clients do not determine engagement success on the basis of an introduction occuring. Being able to identify relevant stakeholders (and how to appeal to them) are found to be just as valuable!
  • You can choose to make introductions, or let clients use your name, but it is not expected of you.


If you have any questions throughout your engagement journey, please contact

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