Reviewing advisors is core to the Emissary program, so knowing how to do this is essential. The review process allows you to choose the candidates you think will have relevant information and knowledge before starting an engagement with them.


Navigating to the Emissaries Page

After logging in to Emissary Exchange, you’ll see a section in the top right corner of your home page titled “Emissaries to Review”. Under this, the number of advisors available for your review will appear as well as a “View Emissaries” button that will take you to the Emissaries page on our platform.

engagement stats

You can also access the Emissaries page by clicking on the lightning bolt icon in your left hand menu.

menu options

The Emissaries page has three tabs at the top – advisors to review, accepted advisors, and rejected advisors – which allow you to see advisors currently available for your review, as well as past advisors that have either been accepted or rejected from your accounts.

emissary - microsoft


Advisors to Review

emissary - apple

Advisors are ordered by recency, with the latest sent for review appearing first. You can filter your view using the fields at the top of the page, to see only advisors from a certain account, or all advisors on accounts from a specific region.

Often, the first time our clients log in, they’ll see many advisors available for review. These are the Emissaries who are already part of our network who we have deemed to have the necessary background and expertise to help you meet your objectives. Because our Advisor Recruiting team is constantly reaching out to potential Emissary candidates, new advisors tend to appear a few at a time after that. You will receive a notification via email when there are new Emissaries to review.

Certain accounts are more difficult to recruit for because of factors such as company or department size, turnover rate, industry, or geography. For example, a small company simply has fewer employees. That means that even if turnover is high, there are fewer people who have formerly worked there, especially within our two year window of recruitability. Other industries are known for their strict NDAs – even if there are potential Emissaries out there, no one will talk about their experience!

If you are concerned that you haven’t seen any advisors from an account, you can send an email to and we will address the issue.

Reviewing an Advisor’s Profile

You can click on an advisor to view their profile. Here, we will look at the fictional Kirk, who previously worked at Apple.

advisors profile

This is what Kirk’s profile looks like. We can see he was SVP of Product Marketing at Apple, and was there for nearly 8 years. Kirk had global geographic responsibility, managed a multi-million dollar budget, and left Apple just over two years ago. Kirk is based in California, which is important to note if you want to schedule a call later and need to take time zones into consideration.

kirks questions and answers

Scrolling down, we can see Kirk’s responses to the qualification questions, which are a set of questions submitted by your company to help us screen advisors for relevant experience and knowledge, as well as for their availability to have a call in the coming weeks. Advisors’ responses to these are a great tool to help you determine whether you’d like to speak with them.


skills & expertise

Below the Qualification Questions you can see Kirk’s work history as well as a bulleted list of skills and expertise. After reading through the profile, you can use the buttons at the bottom of the pop up to either accept or reject the advisor. Accepting will kick off your engagement with them, while rejecting them will move them out of your queue of advisors to review. Either way, you’ll provide us with valuable feedback to better match you with advisors in the future.


Additional Tips for Reviewing Advisors

tips for advisors


Above is what we refer to as the Golden Triangle of Recruiting, which can help guide you when reviewing advisors. The “ideal” advisor candidate can be hard to come by because it is impossible to control when employees with the necessary background and knowledge will leave their companies. Instead, aim for two of the three vertices in the triangle. Consider the following information as well:

Level of Expertise

  • C-suite advisors have great purview, are smart on culture, and have a large breadth of knowledge
  • Directors and VPs of specific departments will have more detail and depth of knowledge


  • On average, 5.5+ decision-makers weigh in prior to a tech purchase
  • 85% of purchasing teams are cross functional


  • As noted above, we send over all suitable advisors who are currently available on your accounts and are constantly recruiting new advisors: as they join our platform, we’ll send them over
  • Don’t wait to see “all advisors” before making a decision – new ones will trickle in. Because advisor availability can change, if someone is a good fit, engage them! People often have relevant and useful information even if they’re not the exact candidate you had in mind.

Next Steps

call availability

If you click accept, you’ll be taken to the call scheduler where you can select up to thirty time slots in the coming month that work for you for a call. Each call lasts one hour. We recommend choosing at least 5-10 time slots to make sure one of them works for your advisor.

set an agenda

After selecting times and clicking next, you’ll be prompted to set an agenda for your call. This is one of the best ways to ensure you have a productive conversation with your advisor. Including information on your product, your company’s history with the account, and what you’re hoping to accomplish on your call will make sure you and your advisor are on the same page and can save valuable time during the call.

You will be able to send additional information after the engagement has started using the designated email relay.

Once the agenda has been filled out, click “Launch Engagement”. Congratulations! Your engagement is now live.


If You Reject/Accept an Advisor by Accident

Mistakes happen! If you accidentally hit the accept or reject button, the advisor profile will move to one of the other tabs on the Emissaries page: “Accepted” or “Rejected”. Send an email to that includes the advisor’s name, what account they are from, what action you’d like to undo, and what the desired outcome should be and we can resolve the issue.