After expanding the account list, you’ll be able to view the Emissary advisors’ profiles and take action on those advisors.


  • “Thumbs-up” an Advisor: By liking an advisor (providing a thumbs-up), you are asking our servicing team to validate an advisor’s areas of knowledge and availability. When these are validated, an advisor’s status will change to “Suggested by the Emissary team,” and you’ll be able to start an engagement with them.
  • “Thumbs-down” an Advisor: By disliking an advisor (providing a thumbs-down), you are letting our team know that this advisor is not a good match. We use this information to improve our matching, and it is not shared with our advisors.
  • Show Profile: To see an advisor’s attributes, such as experience or expertise, click the “Show Profile” button. 

You can also see the advisor’s profile by clicking on their name in the “Emissary Name” column 

  • Hide From View: Hiding an advisor from view provides you the ability to narrow your focus to a shorter list of advisors. We recommend that you hide from view the advisors you marked with a thumbs-down.

You are always able to resurface these ‘hidden’ advisors by clicking on “Show Hidden” box at the top left of the page

* There is shared visibility on actioned advisors for the account. That means when you provide a thumbs-up on an advisor, or hide them from view, all users from your team associated with the account will see the actions you performed*