Dashboard Navigation

The Advisor Review Tool is available on the Accounts page in Emissary Exchange. 

To get to the Accounts page, log into Emissary Exchange, navigate to the left-hand menu and select the lightning bolt symbol. You can also expand the menu view the symbol labels and their associated pages.

Here on the accounts page, you’ll be able to see all of your accounts, and the advisors available to work with.

Accounts Page

Once on this page, you are able to see accounts and filter them based on relevant statuses or attributes. 

SELLERS: If you have a lot of accounts, you can filter your view to help you focus only on the ones that are relevant at the moment. Accounts can be filtered by region or initiative, or by the offering you’re trying to sell to them.

MANAGER/PO: You can filter your accounts by team, region, initiative, or specific user to focus on the ones you’d like to review. You can also edit accounts from this view, assigning them to different users on your team, switching regions, or designating a different offering or initiative.

Expanding Advisor List

To view the Emissary advisors available to you, select the blue arrow in the expand column to the far left. In parenthesis, you will see the total number of advisors listed for the account.

After clicking on the arrow, you will see an expanded view of Emissary advisors listed for your accounts.