Emissary is beta-testing Zoom for engagement calls to better support global conferencing, file sharing, and video capabilities. As this is a work in progress, there will be a slow rollout of Zoom so not all engagements will have this feature yet. We appreciate feedback on your Zoom engagement experience. 

If you are in an engagement that has Zoom capability, below is an outline of what the process will look like:

Adding a Call to Your Calendar

Option 1: Through Emissary Exchange

Once in Emissary Exchange, after you confirm a call time, you will immediately see this view:

Click on “Add to Calendar” to sync with your iCalendar, Outlook or Google Calendar. Once you have the event saved on your calendar, they should resemble the images below. Each calendar event will include a direct Zoom link along with other details for your upcoming call:

Option 2: Through Email

Once a call is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with information about your upcoming call. At the bottom of the email, there is a link that directs you to your Emissary Exchange dashboard, where you are able to sync the call with your calendar. If the confirmed time still works for you, your next steps are:

Click the Visit Emissary Exchange button at the bottom of the email.

On the engagement call page, you will see the call detail information near the top. Click the “Add to Calendar” button. There will be an option to add the calendar event to your Google, iCal, or Outlook calendars.

Once you’ve downloaded and synced with your calendar of choice, you will see a direct link to the Zoom conference bridge along with call details in the invite.

Joining the Emissary Zoom Call

Option 1: Through Your Calendar Event

Click on the Zoom link located in the event on your calendar.

zoom link located in the event on calendar

Option 2: Through Emissary Exchange

Click the “Join Meeting” button on the engagement call page within Emissary Exchange. 

Option 3:  Through Email

Click “Join Zoom Meeting” through the call reminder email.

Starting the Emissary Zoom Meeting

Option 1: Through your desktop

If you are accessing the zoom call through your desktop, you will be taken to Zoom to join the conference.

*If you have not downloaded the Zoom app, you are able to download the app on this page. If you are not able to download the app, you can launch the zoom meeting directly on your browser.

launching the zoom meeting on desktop

After opening the Zoom app, you’ll be prompted to join audio through your computer, or via phone by dialing into the conference line.

join with computer audio option in zoom

After joining audio, you are now able to chat with the other party on the conference line. You are also able to video conference, share your screen, and file share.

video conference, share screen, and file share on zoom

Option 2: Through mobile

If you are joining via mobile you’ll be taken to Zoom to either download/launch the app, or dial-in via the conference line. 


Video+File Sharing/Inviting Others

During engagement calls, we want to respect the privacy of our community. We ask courtesy is used and you seek permission before video conferencing, sharing files, or inviting other users outside of the engagement into the meeting.

Opting Out

If you feel your company is not able to use Zoom due to non-competing factors, please let us know as we offer an alternative conference solution, TurboBridge.


If you need any assistance during your meeting time, please reach out to us at support@emissary.io.

You can also reference the Zoom support page for additional technical assistance.