Once our servicing team has verified advisor fit and availability, you will be able to start an engagement with them through the Engagement Request feature. Engagement Request features let you reach out to an advisor directly with some account context and your timeframe. Once an advisor accepts your engagement proposal, you can schedule a call.

We recommend reaching out to advisors quickly! Our best emissaries are in high demand and their availability can change. 

Accessing the Engagement Request Feature 

Once an advisor has confirmed their experience and availability, you’ll be provided an email notification that you have new candidates to review.

Select the “Review Emissary Candidates” link in the email. 

After selecting the link, you’ll be taken to the Emissary Exchange homepage. You’ll find the candidates that need action In the Emissaries to Review box in the top right section of the page. 

Select the “View Emissaries” button.

A dialog box will appear with the pending advisors that you are now able to request to engage. 

To use the Engagement Request Feature, select the “Request to Engage Now button. A new form will appear. This is where you will provide your advisor with information about your account and goals for the conversation.

In the notes section, tell the advisor where you are with the account and where you need assistance. You can address any of the following: 

  • The product(s) you are selling
  • Where you are in the sales cycle
  • Your history with the account
  • Your goal(s) for the engagement (you can reference our question bank here)
  • Your Scheduling availability
    • You will also be prompted to enter your availability for your first call. 
      • Example: “I am available the week of March 9th, anytime between 9a-10a ET.”

Once you completed both fields, click Accept to send your information to your advisor.

Starting Your First Call

If your advisor accepts your engagement request, you will receive an email asking you to schedule your first, one-hour call with them. Click on the link to return to your Emissary Exchange profile, or log in directly at app.emissary.io, and click on the relevant account. 

In the tile titled “Call Scheduler”, select the “See Details” button. 

On this page, you can either review times that have been proposed by your Emissary Advisor, or you can propose your own set of times (if no times are proposed). 

If you want to propose your own call times, click on the “Propose Times” button. This will lead you to our scheduling tool.  Which will lead you to our scheduling tool. 

Once you are in the scheduling tool, You can propose up to 30, 1-hour time slots. When you are done, click on the “Confirm Times” button. 

If your Emissary advisor proposed times, the screen will read “You have new call times to review. Choose one to confirm.” Select the best time for you. 

  • NOTE: If you are not available at any of those times, click on the “None of these call times work for me” option, and you will be prompted to propose alternate times.                                                         

You can view more information on scheduling a call here.

On the engagement detail page, you will find the two ways you can communicate with your Emissary advisor: 

  • Via the relay email address (to contact your advisor)
  • Via the conference bridge dial-in for scheduled calls. 

At the bottom of the page, you can review all of the email messages and attachments you and your advisor have shared together. 

Feedback Forms

Via email, you’ll be asked to provide feedback after your call, and at the end of the engagement. 

These forms help us monitor the progress of your engagement, and measure the success of your advisor interactions. The more feedback you provide, the more we can improve your Emissary experience.