Emissary Exchange User Guide

Everything you need to know about reviewing advisors, scheduling calls, and managing communications on the Emissary Exchange platform.

Quick Reference Guide

Go to app.emissary.io to access your experience.

Log in

When viewing the page, enter your email address and password in the fields to log-in. If you don’t remember your password, reset your password.

Click Log In to log in to see your dashboard

To approve or reject an Emissary you’re responsible for, click on the name of the Emissary, then click on the buttons, Accept, Reject, or Skip For Now. 

To see the Emissaries across your entire company, click on the tab, Emissaries. Here you will see a list of everyone’s Emissaries.


To see only the ones you’re responsible for approving, select Me from Action By.


To see all advisors across your teams, select a team from the All Teams dropdown next to the Action By dropdown.

Login to Emissary Exchange.

Click on the engagement for which you’d like to schedule a call.

Click Schedule a Call.

You can select up to 30 available time slots in the calendar view. Scroll down to confirm the call duration for each available time slot.

Click Confirm Times.

Your availability will be sent directly to your advisor for confirmation.

When your advisor proposes or accepts a time, you’ll be sent an email confirmation containing the dial in for your call. Here’s how to confirm the call.

Click Add to Calendar to confirm the meeting and add it to your Outlook, Apple, or Google Calendars.

Click Reschedule Call to propose a different time for the call

For technical issues and support, you can always contact support@emissary.io.

For all other questions, reach out to your Customer Success Representative.