Advisor Code of Conduct

Emissary engagements are successful because of the people involved. Please take a moment to review a few of the bedrock principles that make our customers and Emissaries most successful.


You’re on the same team. An Emissary is a sales person’s ally, advocate, and a member of the team. That means it’s OK to ask a quick question to the Emissary you’re working with if you’re stuck on something. That also means you should act with the same level of respect and collegiality that you would use toward a coworker.


Respect each others’ time. If you commit to a phone call, please show up for it or reschedule it as early as possible. Don’t overwhelm an Emissary (or a client) with incredible amounts of email, and try to be as responsive as possible. If you are having a problem, our engagement success team is here to help and make sure things are moving smoothly.


One question leads to another. Beyond an introductory briefing call, our engagements are designed to help move a sales journey forward. Each sales target provides a large number of opportunities for an Emissary to help with an important issue along the journey: how to communicate, what to say, who to go to, how to navigate the organization, etc. The best engagements are when a client maximizes all the Emissary knows along the way.


Let’s get results. Emissaries are mission-driven to help clients achieve real goals. If you share your goals with your Emissary, they may help you achieve them in ways you didn’t even consider. Keep the conversations outcome-oriented: Are there clear next steps? Do you know what needs to happen next and when? We see amazing things happen when goals are clearly expressed.


Be straightforward. It’s OK to say what you do and don’t know; everything on the platform is protected by NDA. Likewise, it’s always better for an Emissary to tell a client an uncomfortable truth than it is to hold it back. Better to know now that the deal the client is pursuing won’t work than to learn it 3 months from now.


Ethics and integrity. The job of the Emissary is to help provide guidance and context throughout a sales journey. We don’t permit the sharing of confidential or legally protected information, and an Emissary should never feel obligated to share or do something they’re not comfortable with. Likewise, introductions or background influence are entirely at the Emissary’s discretion.