Assessing State of the Deal

Assessing the State of the Deal

This guide will serve as a resource to help direct your discussion about assessing the state of the client’s deal. This guide is in place to provide structure and guidance only. There is no expectation for you to review everything on this list at any set time; please use at your convenience.

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Discussion Questions

The following topics and questions are meant to provide a conversation guide for the Sales Rep to introduce their product and its features to the Emissary. Please don’t feel like you have to cover every question in detail (or at all). The goal is to provide sufficient background for the Emissary to help as much as they can.

  • Name / job title / what I know about them / my understanding of org chart
  • Describe who you have spoken with at your target account.
  • Describe any business cases you have identified for your product.
  • Describe any RFP or proposals that have been sent out.
  • Describe the current stage of the deal.
  • Describe how you think the deal is going.
    • Do you feel like you’re speaking to the right stakeholders?
    • Do you have a champion?
    • Does your champion have the influence necessary for the deal to progress?
  • Who is the decision maker for this vendor?
  • For each of the major decision makers:
    • Where are their organizations located?
    • How technically adept or engaged are they?
    • How do you they make decisions (e.g. is this individual more technical or relationship oriented)? 
    • How did they rise to the seniority they’re at now?
    • Where did they come from before the target company?
    • Who are their counterparts in other orgs?
    • Who do they work with regularly? Who do they like working with? Who do they not like working with?
    • How are new ideas brought into the organization?
    • How did the last big vendor get brought in?
  • Share/discuss emails and communications the Sales Rep has received from contacts at target organization so far
  • What are pain points in the organization that could be addressed by the client’s product?
  • Are there initiatives that the target company wants to undertake but can’t due to structural limitations?
  • Are there areas where the company recognizes that they are behind the curve and want to improve?
  • What business units should the client work with?
  • How do the decision makers evaluate success? 
  • What are the main obstacles for the expansion of a product at the target organization?
  • What obstacles are associated with introducing new products to the target organization?