Picture this: You’re in a weekly deal review, and sellers are providing updates on accounts they’ve been working for months. They should be able to answer…

  • What’s the pain we’re addressing?
  • What’s the annual budgeting process?
  • When does procurement get involved?

And yet…they can’t.

This not only erodes the credibility of the sales team; it puts potential deals at risk. Why do these gaps exist?

Consider the source

Start by understanding the information foundation that sellers are relying on by answering two questions:

What are the go-tos? Many sellers start with an Internet search to browse PR announcements, 10Ks and prospect web sites. Some even use intent data, but oftentimes these sources are too sanitized and high level.

Is the information up to date? According to LeadJen, 30 percent of first attempt calls are wasted on contacts who are no longer with the targeted company, or on wrong contact information. By scrutinizing this data, you can identify gaps, inaccuracies, or outdated information that might be limiting your team’s knowledge.

Look at your tech stack

Anyone who works closely with sales reps knows that they gravitate toward tools they perceive as valuable and easy. As Ayal Steinberg notes, “sellers don’t need more tools, they need fewer tools that help more.”

That’s where a tool like Emissary comes in. We provide access to primary-sourced insights across the world’s largest and most complex organizations. Take a look at actual information (and real quotes!) from our advisors that help your sellers provide the answers that currently seem elusive:

What’s the pain we’re addressing?

One of the biggest pain points is a lack of technical expertise, knowhow and internal talent, as well as a lack of tech understanding from top management.

“Provide both technical information, plus show engaging ways for employees to work with that solution. It is very important to provide good documentation on how to implement, how to troubleshoot, and how to train users.”Advisor Quote

What’s the annual budgeting process?

The budgeting process begins in November and locks in January. Although there is some flexibility for priority projects, out-of-cycle spending requires C-suite approval.

“Ideally, get VP level buy-in and sponsorship early on.”Advisor Quote

When does procurement get involved?

Advisors warn that a failure to involve procurement early will stall the buying process.

“Procurement does not make the final decision, but does have significant influence.” – Advisor Quote

Emissary Knowledge removes the guesswork and empowers teams with unique, primary-sourced sales intelligence. Our proprietary advisor network—composed of former tech-buying executives from the world’s largest and most complex companies—uncovers this crucial information that ensures your team is always on firm ground.

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