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Emissary allows sellers and marketers to tap into knowledge that’s not available anywhere else – incredibly useful insights that are locked up inside buyers’ heads, not stored away in a database.

Unlocking the power of human intelligence

Working as a product leader for DoubleClick at Google under Sundar Pichai and Marissa Mayer, Emissary founder David Hammer saw firsthand that there’s only so much that can be solved with data mining, analytics, and AI.

As companies rush toward automation and artificial intelligence to fuel sales and marketing, we see a growing disconnect between the commodified data that these technologies provide and the valuable insights – born from human experience and relationships – that businesses really need. team working team event

A community of knowledge

David set about building Emissary, a human intelligence network built from the ground up with a focus on the idea that people possess a treasure trove of valuable knowledge, but often don’t know how to share it, or who would find it valuable.

We created Emissary, a human intelligence network, to close this gap. Emissary was built from the ground up with a focus on the idea that knowledgeable executives possess a treasure trove of exactly the information that gives commercial teams an edge. But those same executives don’t have the mechanism to identify and engage with the sellers and marketers who need their expertise.  We make that connection.

Today, Emissary consists of over 12,000 Emissary Advisors.

Building better relationships

While Emissary’s technology helps organizations make the right connections faster – with exactly the right people – our real value comes from human knowledge, insights, and relationships.

Ultimately, we are dedicated to empowering our customers to literally learn from the best – helping them unearth new opportunities, shorten sales cycles, win more deals, and grow relationships with their clients.

From helping our customers build millions in new business, to driving full-scale, strategic process improvements for large enterprise sales orgs, we’re getting incredible results for our clients, and growing rapidly as a result. And we’re just getting started. advisors

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Ready to Leverage the Emissary Human Intelligence Network?

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