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Emissary provides commercial teams access to detailed, insider expertise that isn’t available anywhere else – actionable account, industry and buyer insights sourced directly from executives.

Unlocking the power of human intelligence

Emissary was founded from the realization that while AI, data mining, and analytics were evolving the world of sales – all of these tools worked from the same body of commodified information. As a result, tech stacks weren’t providing competitive advantage. The information they served up glossed over the factors that actually separate deal winners and second place.

What commercial teams really need is a way to fuel these tech stacks and sales motions with differentiating, actionable intelligence. They need insights into business nuances, power structures, buying biases and culture. But these insights can’t be found in syndicated databases. They live inside the minds of humans — executives who’ve lived inside target accounts and markets. team working team event

A community of knowledge

So we created Emissary, a human intelligence network.

Emissary disrupts the traditional ways of selling. Reps don’t have to slog through endless documentation to ‘do their homework’ with irrelevant data. They don’t have to ‘knock on doors’ that don’t house buyers with relevant needs. They don’t have to ‘jump through hoops’ that waste precious time.

Emissary was built from the ground up with a focus on the idea that knowledgeable executives possess a treasure trove of exactly the information that gives commercial teams an edge. Emissary finds these executives and provides the mechanism for them to share their insights with the sellers and marketers who need it.

Today, Emissary consists of over 12,000 Emissary Advisors.

Building better relationships

While Emissary’s technology helps organizations make the right connections, faster – with exactly the right people – our real value comes from human knowledge, insights, and relationships. Ultimately, we are dedicated to empowering our customers to literally learn from the best – helping them unearth new opportunities, shorten sales cycles, and grow relationships with their clients.

From driving full-scale account planning for enterprise sales orgs to building billions in business, Emissary clients are achieving incredible results. And we’re just getting started. advisors
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Enjoying the climb

While the work we do is incredibly important, the way we do it is just as important. We pride ourselves on our fully remote culture and our guiding principles which make our hard work both satisfying and fun!

Find a better way. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. Since we are building something new, for which there is no proven path, we innovate..

Test and learn. We act on our ideas and learn from the results. We don’t get discouraged by setbacks and we aren’t afraid to fail forward.

Elevate others. Emissary’s people (employees and advisors) are enablers. We lift others up. We are generous with our time and expertise.

Embrace differences. We’re a human network of truly fascinating people, with diverse backgrounds and expertise. We seek out varied perspectives.

Enjoy the climb! Launching, growing, and scaling a disruptive business isn’t easy. But it’s tremendously fun. We relish these experiences that few get to enjoy.

Be sure to check out our career page for opportunities to join us.

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Ready to Leverage the Emissary Human Intelligence Network?

Get more information on working with Emissary Advisors.

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