Not getting our Emails?

Here are our instructions on how to change your email settings to ensure you receive Emissary updates. For more questions, please contact



 1. Click the settings icon at the upper right-hand side of Gmail (the gear icon), and choose ‘Settings’ from the list.

 2. Click the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.

 3. Click ‘Create new filter’ at the bottom of the page.

 4. In the From field, type

 5. Click ‘Create filter’ at the bottom of the pop-up window to make the whitelist filter.

 6. On the next page, choose ‘Never send to Spam’ to ensure the messages appear in your regular inbox

 7. Click ‘Create Filter’ again to finish the process.


Office 365

 1. Open the Exchange Admin Center.

 2. Click on Protection.

 3. Click on Spam Filter.

 4. Double click on Default.

 5. Click on Allow Lists.

 6. Under Allow Lists, click the + to add a new email address.

 7. In the window that pops up, type

 8. Click Save.

 9. Click Save again.



 1. In Outlook, go to the Home tab.

 2. Click the Junk button.

 3. Choose “Junk E-Mail Options” from the drop-down list.

 4. Go to the Safe Senders tab.

 5. Click Add…

 6. Type in as the domain name you wish to add.

 7. Click OK and close the window