At Emissary, we believe in people.

It has always been our belief that the value of human knowledge is a powerful resource, and that it is a rarely-mined resource in the marketplace.

With Emissary Advisors, we have sought to bridge the gap between those who are seeking knowledge and those who possess it. Our mission has always been the same: to connect people with valuable knowledge to the organizations who will benefit from that knowledge.

It’s our goal to take the professional relationship to a new level. By matching senior executives with companies who seek their guidance, we provide an opportunity for those executives to give back to the marketplace in a meaningful way.

Not only are these executives able to put their depth of experience to use in service to others, they can do so on their own terms. And the organizations who work with them are given unparalleled insight into how to reach their goals.

A Unique, Transformational Community

Our offering is built on our belief in the power of these relationships. We are interested in one professional community building another community up: executives who have made vendor decisions guiding actual vendors toward the harbor of a well-crafted, relevant pitch.

When the right leader is paired with a receptive organization, tectonic shifts take place. One discussion with a seasoned industry leader can be a game changer for a sales or marketing team at a growing organization.For this reason, the conversations we seek to create are unique. They are transformational. This focus on mentorship requires a unique profile for the members of our professional community.

Our Emissary Advisors, as we call them.

So what is an Emissary Advisor?

First and foremost, our Emissaries are leaders.

Emissary advisors have worked at some of the top companies in the world. From Costco to Verizon, AirBNB to Petco, Google to Procter & Gamble, we have built a community of thousands of top-tier professionals who have, in turn, built global organizations.

From directors of infrastructure who have brought on new vendors for major cloud-based overhauls to SVPs of marketing at global brick-and-mortars who transformed their organization’s eCommerce efforts, our advisors know the past, present, and future of the marketplace.

Second, our Emissaries share our core belief: that people are the most important asset we have.

Our Emissary Advisors immediately recognize the value of a conversation involving themselves and organizations who want to give their best possible pitch. It’s a no-brainer to them that they have invaluable insight on how to navigate the process prior to, during, and after a sales process.

Not only are they confident that they can add value, they are eager to do so. While compensation is a motivator, our Emissaries also genuinely take pleasure in offering the value of their experience to those who need it. The unique relationships we are able to facilitate allows them to make use of their years of experience by aiding those who want to be and do better. Which is another quality these Emissaries possess: a service mentality.

Third: Emissary Advisors thrive on service to the marketplace.

Not only are they transforming the experience of every technology sales team they come into contact with, they are also transforming the vendor selection process for their former employers. This community is setting up their former colleagues for a successful, engaging vetting process by equipping the vendors who are approaching those colleagues with exactly what they need to build a compelling presentation.

After speaking with our Emissaries, these vendors understand how to put their best foot forward so that months of work doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Because of this, the companies they hope to serve get relief from the never-ending parade of b2b technology teams who “just don’t get it” as far as what their organization needs. Our Emissaries seek not only to mentor these teams, they seek also to create the best possible scenario for their colleagues on the other side of the table.

Fourth, and finally, our Emissary Advisors are innovators.

Their enthusiasm for our platform doesn’t come from global brand recognition (yet…), and it doesn’t come from a desire to solely further their own success, it comes from their clear understanding of one thing: potential.

They see the far-reaching benefits of the conversations we set up, and they join us to be part of the tidal wave of leaders who are making the headache of the off-the-mark technology pitch a thing of the past. We set high standards for who we invite to become an Emissary, but the people we work with raise that bar every single day, both professionally and personally.

Just look at some of the Emissary Advisors we work with:

Ginnie Roeglin, former SVP eCommerce, Costco


Take Ginnie Roeglin, the former SVP of eCommerce at Costco. Ginnie was one of the loudest voices in the room when it came to Costco’s undertaking of an online presence, sure, but she also built a diversity initiative empowering women and minorities across Costco’s global organization. And, by the way, that initiative now has over 10,000 members. Ginnie is a leader, a believer in relationships and in service, and a clear visionary.

Eric Toda, former Global Head of Social Marketing & Editorial Content at Airbnb

eric toda candidSource: Curalate

Or Eric Toda, a digital marketing leader who has spent time at companies such as Facebook, Nike, Snapchat, and Airbnb. Eric believes in giving back, so he serves on the board of several organizations he believes are creating a better marketplace, and a better world. Eric’s passion for mentorship has landed him a teaching job alongside his exciting career, and he believes it’s imperative that those who are being pitched to (like he is, all the time) begin offering their experience to vendors out there who are hungry for guidance so that both benefit.

Our Emissary Advisors aren’t happy with the status quo, and neither are we. We’re out to change it. That’s who our Emissaries are, and that’s who we are.