From new integrations for the platforms you use every day to making sales training to more inclusive for women, we’ve got the week’s top sales stories—and the hottest jobs on the market today.

Top Stories This Week

Adobe, Microsoft and LinkedIn Join Forces to Accelerate Account-Based Experiences (Adobe)

In the latest tech integration news—and there’s been a lot of such news lately—Adobe recently announced that they’re taking advantage of their partnership with Microsoft and combining their data sources to strengthen account-based profiles within Adobe Experience Cloud. Further, LinkedIn Marketing Solution will also be integrated for the three products to provide powerful insights to customers—which, of course, you should still validate with an actual human.

LinkedIn Live: Everything You Need to Know (CMSWire)

Speaking of LinkedIn, the platform recently launched LinkedIn Live, supported by Microsoft (who owns LinkedIn) through Azure Media Services. Though it’s currently in the invite-only beta stage, this promises to have lots of potential for salespeople once it’s up and running. LinkedIn users are already 20 times more likely to share a video on the platform, and that number will only surely grow.

Sales Training for Women: How the Best Sales Managers Provide Gender-Centric Coaching (Sales Hacker)

We’ve written about the gender equality problem that enterprise sales has, and we’re still thinking about what sales leaders can do about it. This story helps shed light on what some of those things are—including training. With fewer than half of women reporting that they’ve received access to training resources—an absolutely unacceptable number—there’s lots of room for improvement in this area.

How to Talk to a Coworker Who’s Having a Tough Time (HBR)

When you’re closing, you’re on Cloud Nine. When you’re aren’t, it can feel like nothing’s working and your luck’s run out. Someone on your team is almost certainly in the gutter at the moment, and this piece provides an actionable framework for having productive, meaningful conversations with him or her. You can even improve the mood of the whole team by lifting one colleague’s spirits.

How to Hit Your Sales Quota Every Month (Copper)

We missed this one last month, so we’re including it in case you did, too. The title may sound like a basic promise you’re used to hearing from content, but this is actually chock full of actionable tips that, while not necessarily being entirely new to us, also contain further follow-up tips and stats that already has us looking into our leads on social. This is especially true after learning that over 80 percent of C-level executives use it to guide their purchasing decision.

Hot Job Listings This Week

Looking for Vice President of Sales jobs in New York City? We’ve got that. Sales manager roles in Chicago? We’ve got that, too, plus plenty of account executive jobs for eager salespeople looking to sink their teeth in a new role.

VP/Director-level roles

  • mongoDB: Director of Partners, Northeast (NYC)
  • Jebbit: VP, Sales (Boston)
  • Elastic: Regional VP Sales – East (NYC)
  • Fountain: VP of Sales (San Francisco)
  • QuadPay: VP Sales  (NYC)

Manager-level roles

  • Rackspace: Sales Manager (Austin)
  • Informatica: Account Manager, North Central Enterprise (Chicago)
  • SailPoint: Partner Manager – South Central & ISR Regions (Austin)
  • Zscaler: Regional Sales Manager – Large Enterprise (NYC)

Account executives

  • Pure Storage: Account Executive, Strategic (Bloomington, IL)
  • SAP Concur: Regional Sales Executive, Nationals Job (NYC)
  • Proofpoint: Corporate Sales Account Executive (Sunnyvale, CA)
  • New Relic: Commercial Account Executive (San Francisco)
  • Valassis: Sales Development Executive, Mid-Tier Sales (Pittsburgh)