Does hustle still matter? Did Abobe and Salesforce just shake up the CDP industry? We’ll tell you—and we’ve got some pretty primo sales jobs teed up for you, too.


Top Stories This Week

Hustle as Strategy (Tom Tunguz)

If you and all your competitors shared your strategic plans with each other, would it really make a difference? Probably not—and this piece breaks down why. It’s not a bold strategic vision that sets companies and teams apart. It’s execution, and it’s something few organizations get right. This is a short piece that’s perfect for sales leaders.


How Will Adobe and Salesforce CDP Announcements Impact the Industry? (CMSWire)

Taking a wait-and-see approach over the validity of customer data platforms? Your wait may have just gotten a lot shorter. The CDP industry added more than 50 vendors in the last two years, according to the CDP Institute—and now we can count Salesforce and Adobe among them. This is a big deal, if only because it validates the market for this kind of service by having two big martech players enter the game. Ready or not, CDP is growing.


Top 7 Sales Books for Sellers of SaaS for Spring Break 2019 (DiscoverOrg)

Here’s a list of best sales books that goes beyond the typical classics by Dale Carnegie and Jeffrey Gitomer, and features a few new-to-us titles that we haven’t read yet. Jill Konrath’s “Agile Selling” is a must-read, but we’re filling our Amazon shopping cart with some of the others. If seven books aren’t enough, HubSpot recently published a list of 24 sales books they like, with just a little overlap.


Hot Job Listings This Week

We’ve got hot sales jobs in the metropolises of New York City, Austin, and Denver. We’ve also got positions in Virginia and New Jersey, if the big city isn’t your thing.

VP/Director-level roles

  • Engagio: Head of Sales – Enterprise (San Mateo, CA)
  • Zeta Global: VP Enterprise Sales (NYC)
  • Integral Ad Science: Vice President, Programmatic Sales (NYC)
  • Splunk: Area Vice President, Public Sector Sales (McLean, VA)
  • Fastly: Director of Partnerships & Channels (NYC)

Manager-level roles

  • NewsCred: Senior Account Manager (NYC)
  • TenFour: Account Manager (Morristown, NJ)
  • Dropbox: Partner Account Manager – Enterprise (Austin)
  • Bluecore: Account Manager (NYC)

Account executives & engineers

  • Puppet: Senior Sales Engineer (NYC)
  • Puppet: Senior Enterprise Account Executive (NYC)
  • Snowflake: Corporate Account Executive (Denver)
  • ForgeRock: Major Account Executive (Boston)
  • Integral Ad Science: Account Executive Mid-Market (NYC)
  • Engagio: Enterprise Account Executive (San Mateo, CA)
  • Slack: Sr. Account Executive, Enterprise (Chicago)