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Top Stories This Week

Selling in the Age of Ceaseless Change: The 2018-2019 Sales Performance Report (Miller Heiman Group)

In case this didn’t already hit your inbox, CSO Insights, also known as the research division of Miller Heiman Group, released their annual sales performance report and made it available for download. There are lots of juicy numbers here about the state of sales — some of them concerning — and well worth checking out.


Why Tech Companies Hire So Many Economists (Harvard Business Review)

Though this is only indirectly related to sales, it’s certainly relevant to the evolution of tech companies. Amazon, for instance, has hired over 150 economists with Ph.Ds, an astonishing number if you haven’t been paying attention. Economists are increasingly playing a huge and influential role in tech companies, and sales leaders working alongside them are especially going to benefit from their presence.


Should Your Startup Employ Both Assisted and Unassisted Trials to Acquire Customers? (Tom Tunguz)

We’ve talked before about discounts and trials, but what about assisted vs. unassisted trials? Which one is right for your company? Thought leader and veteran VC Tom Tunguz breaks down the relative benefits and drawbacks of each and provides a helpful roadmap for deciding which move makes sense for your organization.


How to Build a Sales and Marketing Database From Scratch (DiscoverOrg)

There are multiple ways to build a sales database from the ground up, whether you’re buying it, manually building it yourself, or through inbound marketing. This story covers what those options entail, along with other things you should consider. And don’t forget the transformative power of inside insight, either. While they don’t mention it here, it’s the only way to know if your database is accurate.


Applying for an Inside Sales Position? 10 Tips to Improve Your Odds (VanillaSoft)

Have your eye on one of the hot jobs we listed below? Here are some helpful ways you can land that position, courtesy of VanillaSoft’s Vice President of Sales, who knows a thing or two about hiring salespeople. Even if you’re perfectly happy where you are, it doesn’t hurt to consider some of these tips to help hone and define your own sales philosophy and personality.

Hot Job Listings This Week

Looking for a new position? Here are some of the biggest sales job listings we’ve found this week.

VP/Director-level roles

  • HyperScience: VP Sales (NYC)
  • Grafana Labs: VP, Sales (NYC)
  • Elastic: Sales Director (Houston)
  • DataRobot: Regional Vice President, Sales (NYC)

Manager-level roles

  • Microsoft: Account Manager (NYC)
  • ThousandEyes: Account Manager, Enterprise (Austin)
  • Avaya: Account Manager (Atlanta)
  • Zeta Global: Senior Manager Demand Generation (Nashville, TN)

Account executives

  • SAP: Account Executive – Customer Experience – South Job (Dallas)
  • HyperScience: Enterprise Account Executive (NYC)
  • MemSQL: Enterprise Account Executive, Southeast (Atlanta)
  • Anomali: Sales Development Representative (Redwood City, CA)