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Top Stories This Week

6sense Announces Salesforce Pardot Integration for Revenue Teams to Launch Comprehensive ABM Programs (MarTechSeries)

Users of 6sense and Salesforce Pardot may be pleased to learn that the two platforms have integrated to deliver new kinds of insights on accounts that can help you uncover fresh buying signals and engage buyers with more personalized outreach. Firms are already seeing quality results from leveraging the strengths of both platforms and combining their data to oil their pipelines.

How to Marie Kondo Your Salesforce Org (Salesforce)

Marie Kondo is Netflix’s latest sensation, teaching us how to practice joy and gratefulness through organizing, and you might be surprised to learn that her methods can also apply to tidying up your Salesforce. You can take inventory of your reports and start sorting through the things that “spark joy,” and toss what doesn’t. Going forward, you can maintain her philosophy by making sure that the only things you add to your Salesforce database are details that make your organization happier.

The 2019 Data Outlook Sees Spending Rocket and Multi-channel Key Amid Regulatory Concerns (MarketingTech)

According to a recent study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), over 78 percent of survey respondent said their organizations were increasing their spending on data in 2019. That should be music to the ears of a lot of salespeople. The poll also recorded concerns from customers—including government regulation and organizational silos—that can give salesfolk a head start on responding to objections.

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks for Dealing with the Toughest Gatekeepers – ringDNA

Cold calling’s not quite dead, but you might suck at it right now—especially if you’re trying to get past the decision-maker’s receptionist. According to a recent study from the RAIN Group, an encouraging 71 percent of buyers actually want to hear from you, but getting past the gatekeeper is another thing. Fortunately, there are actionable tips you can apply to engage them and slowly gain their trust.

What Are Some of the Biggest Mistakes You Made with Enterprise SaaS Sales? (SaaStr)

Failure can be an excellent teacher, and if you can learn from someone else’s failures, so much the better. SaaStr founder Jason Lemkin has made plenty of mistakes in enterprise sales, and he’s happy to share with the rest of us. There’s something here for every kind of salesperson, from those just starting out to the more ambitious types looking lead sales teams in the future.

Are Your Technology Decisions Blocking Sales Performance? (TechNative)

Technology can only help us, right? Not if you ask 38% of field sales professionals, who say it does more harm than good. That’s not good news at all, especially since it’s our job to sell a lot of this tech. Is it technophobia and a lack of trust in the tools? Or are they forced to use a CRM and ERP that don’t play well with each other? If you think your tech stack is preventing your sales team from doing their best work, it’s important to understand what exactly is standing in their way.

Hot Job Listings This Week

Meet your next VP job in St. Louis or take a bite into a big Director of Sales position in the Big Apple. Here are some of the biggest sales job listings we’ve found this week.

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Manager-level roles

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