We’ve got the latest sales tips you need to give an Oscar-worthy performance the next time you call on a client.

Top Stories This Week

Google Cloud Chief Thomas Kurian Is Going Big on Salespeople (Fortune)

Thomas Kurian, 20+ year Oracle vet and the new CEO of Google Cloud, is taking aim at the competition by stepping up the company’s hiring of top salespeople. This is big news, as the formidable cloud provider will be flexing its financial muscle to create an ambitious sales and support staff and raise its profile among enterprise businesses. If you’re looking for a new gig, this could be great news. If you’re trying to retain your sales team, however, you might have reason to worry.

30 Security Vendor Behaviors That Set Off a CISO’s BS Detector (CISO)

As a salesperson, everything you say will be scrutinized by potential buyers. Little things can mean a lot—especially how you answer key questions. There are many ways you can put off your buyers, and this handy list of immediate turn-offs can provide significant insight into how your prospects perceive you.

The Sales Leaders Guide to B2B Sales Growth in 2019 (Rain Group)

According to the Rain Group, 58 percent of sales meetings aren’t valuable to buyers. That means there’s an opportunity to improve by making sure you’re delivering value from the first call forward. This useful infographic has plenty of similarly golden statistical nuggets of information that you can use to guide your next growth strategy.

How Salesforce Does Sales Development (The Sales Insider)

If you’re curious about how top organizations develop their sales teams, here’s your chance from one of the best. Salesforce has created their own sales development system, and this is an excellent breakdown of what it is and how it works. What’s especially interesting is their approach to training generalized SDRs, and Salesforce Vice President Shahad Parshad talks about that choice here.

9 Sales Presentation Tips That Great Salespeople Swear By (Gong)

An engaging sales presentation is vital to catching that account, and it starts with creating a compelling narrative that captures your audience. By using great storytelling that shows your customers you understand their pain points and can offer solutions, you can make—and deliver—convincing and persuasive presentations that are sure to hook new customers.

Hot Job Listings This Week

Spring is coming around the corner, and what better way to greet the new season with a new career? Here are the best sale jobs we’ve found on the market this week.

VP/Director-level Roles

Manager-level Roles

Account Executives