This week, we’ve got the latest insights on overcoming the dread that comes with cold calling, some exciting news from two tech giants, and the hottest jobs in enterprise sales. Take a minute to catch up on this week’s top stories.

Top Stories This Week

Getting Over Your Fear of Cold Calling Customers (HBR)

First of all, let’s talk about the finding that 48 percent of B2B salespeople dread cold calling. There’s plenty of good reasons for that, including the fact that you could be talking to the wrong person at a bad time about a product they may have no authority to purchase. This piece has plenty of tips for overcoming the fear of cold calling, but maybe the best way to quash that dread is by knowing in advance who you’re talking to and what pain points your solution can solve. Just thinking out loud here.


A deeper connection between Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud  (Google)

Huge news from Google. By the time you read this, salespeople will be able to integrate Google Analytics 360 with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, combining the power of both tools to give you more valuable insights in customer engagement. If you’re already using both, there’s no reason not to connect the two. You can check out Google’s feature brief to learn more about how that works.


6 Keys to Writing Winning Proposals (Salesforce)

If you’re writing a sales proposal, it should be because you’re far along enough in the process that you have a near-perfect understanding of what your potential buyer needs and how you can serve them. These tips should help you make sure your next proposal is a thorough one.


Lessons in Enterprise GTM: Product, Sales, Pricing & Customer Success (Medium)

OpenDNS founder and entrepreneur David Ulevitch spoke to a sold-out crowd at the NY Enterprise Tech Meetup last month and shared his thoughts on go-to-market strategy. Even if your organization doesn’t specifically practice GTM, there are still plenty of keen insights that are applicable to enterprise sales. If the article isn’t enough, check out the video of the entire fireside chat.


Hot Job Listings This Week

Sick of the grind and looking for a gig with more upside or a better market? We can help you catch up. Here are some of the hottest sales jobs we’ve found this week.

VP/Director-level roles

Manager-level roles

Account executives