Over our five years operating, Emissary has changed the way executives interact with the marketplace. We started from scratch, making our first calls from a (very) modest office in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, building our community of Emissaries one-by-one, through careful research, thoughtful outreach, and hands-on matching with our first clients. 
Now, we are fortunate enough to have 12,000 of the most talented industry leaders in the country working on our platform – transforming the sales relationship from a transactional obligation to a give-and-take partnership.

More and more, salespeople are recognizing the value of the Emissary community. As our clients learn how to most effectively use us, they understand that an Emissary offers sales relationship insights that goes way beyond their initial goal – to break into a new account.



Our Emissaries offer a path toward transforming sales strategy: pointing out weaknesses in product offering and sales approach, giving straightforward answers to dizzying amounts of essential questions, offering a trail of breadcrumbs through organizational mazes, and so much more.

In 2019, we want the entire marketplace to hear about how great the Emissary community is.

We want every enterprise sales and marketing team from Palo Alto to Boston to understand the type of amazing insights you can offer them.

We want to connect more great Emissary advisors with more excellent organizations that need your knowlege than ever before.

In other words, it’s time for the word to get out. And we invite you to be part of it.

This year, we will be coordinating entirely new forums to connect with and engage our Emissary community, both in interactions with our clients, and with networking opportunities. We will be sending invites to local meet-and-greets, reaching out to our Emissaries to partner with us in writing content, and hosting more events than ever. 

We invite you to not only join us at these events and work with us in the uptick of engagement requests we anticipate, but to invite others into the fold to access sales relationship insights.

We are beyond enthusiastic about our potential in 2019 – not just for the fruition of our own goals, but for the opportunities we anticipate bringing to you, our Emissaries – our greatest asset. We invite you to help us stand out in the collective mind of the marketplace so that we can build whole new avenues for you to engage with your passions of innovation, mentorship, giving back to the community, and freedom in work.

Here’s to our best year yet. We couldn’t do it without you.