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Sales and Marketing Intelligence for the Travel and Hospitality Vertical Market 

Insights into the Travel and Hospitality Vertical Modern Tech Buyer

Customer Experience (CX) continues to drive significant technology investments in the travel and hospitality vertical.  It’s more than just a project or initiative – it’s tied to their overall business goals. Sellers should ensure they address this in their account planning and be prepared to go beyond the traditional tech personas and build relationships across the organization.

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A Sampling of the Companies We Cover:

Travel and hospitality companies are looking for ways to make the most of a shaky post-pandemic recovery, and they’re turning to technology to do it. Get a head start on sales in this vertical with reliable intelligence about the business and the people who run it. With the right insights, your team and theirs are aligned for success. 

Examples of some of the companies that our Emissary Advisors cover:

  • Airbnb​ 
  • American Airlines​ 
  • Delta Airlines​ 
  • Expedia​
  • Hertz​ 
  • Marriott​ 
  • Sabre​ 
  • Southwest Airlines

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Intelligence-Fueled Sales and Marketing Strategies for the Travel and Hospitality Vertical Market 

The travel and hospitality industry is slowly recovering from the pandemic, but customer profiles have shifted. Travelers are younger and wealthier, and they’re demanding smoother experiences, more convenience, and more personalization. So this vertical is taking customer relationship management, revenue generation, loyalty programs, and data management to the next level in their efforts to rebuild an effective workforce, streamline operations, and gain competitive advantage.  

Your sales success in the travel and hospitality market depends on how well you can demonstrate your understanding of the changing circumstances firms are facing, the problems they most need to solve, and how they plan to do it. With insight into an account’s business priorities and internal dynamics, your team can align with the decision-makers and meet their needs and expectations at each step. 

 Accurate inside intelligence about the company culture and influencers is almost impossible to find unless you have a knowledgeable contact, like an Emissary Advisor. Emissary Advisors know your accounts well because they’ve held leadership positions there recently and participated in technology purchases. They’ll help you meet the right people, craft the right messages, and plan the right engagements from the first call to a successful close. 

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“Understanding how the organization actually works, and what projects matter, is impossible to work out unless you have an Emissary Advisor to guide you.”

– Client Director, Storage Software

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