When a new seller joins the Emissary program, they will work with their designated Customer Success Manager to determine their priority accounts and unique goals for each account. We measure the success of the Emissary program by measuring Salesforce ROI against these account-specific goals regularly. To supplement this account-specific tracking, a program owner may also wish to measure the impact of the program on the whole on the company’s pipeline. This guide is a good place to start.

The simplest way of measuring Salesforce ROI and tracking Emissary impact is to implement an Emissary Engaged checkbox on your SFDC account object. This gives an at-a-glance view of how many accounts are involved in the program, how much pipeline exists at these accounts, and how this value changes over time.

The simple approach will not let you perform some of the more fine-grained analysis, such as Emissary impact on your pipeline velocity, or allow you to easily separate impact on existing opportunities versus cold accounts, but it offers a great place to start. Your Sales Operations specialist can customize the basic report or install our custom Salesforce report package for more detailed impact analysis.

Measuring Salesforce ROI of Emissary Impact:

There are three steps to measuring Salesforce ROI of Emissary impact:

  1. Create an Emissary Engaged checkbox and add it to your Salesforce account layout
  2. Set up a report of pipeline opportunities at Emissary-impacted accounts
  3. Update the list of Emissary Engaged accounts on a regular cadence

Create an Emissary Engaged Checkbox

Go into Setup → Object management in your Salesforce instance

Click into Fields and Relationships

Create a new Checkbox field (we suggest naming it EM Emissary Engaged on Account)

Add the new field to relevant Page Layouts and make it visible and editable to relevant stakeholders


Create A Report of Pipeline Opportunities at Emissary-Impacted Accounts

Go into Reports in your Salesforce instance and create a new report in Opportunities

Add a Filter specifying that the EM Emissary engaged on account field, on the Account object, equals TRUE

Choose the fields you’d like to see – see the screenshot for our recommended layout and filters



Update List of Emissary Engaged Accounts Regularly

Once the program is activated and your sellers start having calls with emissaries, check off the EM Emissary engaged on account checkbox for accounts where calls happen. You can get the list of all calls on the Emissary Exchange Dashboard or from your Customer Success Manager.

We recommend updating this information weekly in the early stages of the program, as you activate emissaries on more and more new accounts, and at least once a month once the program is in the steady state.