Between calls, emails, meetings, and more calls, it’s hard to make time for the latest news and thought leadership in enterprise sales. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you and distilled the best from last week into this easy-to-read digest. Take a moment and catch up. Then get back to closing.  

5 Steps to Closing That Enterprise Sales Deal (Forbes) 

In this piece, Dannie Herzberg, enterprise sales veteran and Head of Mid-Market at Slack, shares her own advice that’s guided by years of experience in sales leadership. Even if your challenges differ from hers, you’ll surely find her tips insightful and actionable. 

What’s It Like Working in Sales Development for a Tech Company? (SiliconRepublic)

It’s always great to hear from fellow enterprise salespeople about what it’s like from where they are, whether they’re talking about long-term obstacles they’re facing in their own jobs, or just how they get things done on a day-to-day basis. In this article, Annika Gunzenhäuser shares her experience as a sales development representative at New Relic. There’s lots to relate to if you’ve been in the trenches, and it’s a pretty good overview for anyone considering doing what we do.

Bite-Sized Learning: How Technology Has Transformed Enterprise Sales Training (CustomerThink)

You may have noticed (and maybe even bemoaned) the lack of good materials and resources when it comes to enterprise sales training, whether from your organization or just looking around online. CustomerThink certainly agrees, and makes the excellent point that most sales training content is still stuck in the era of “slide decks and three-ring binders.” We should be using technology to build on how employees actually learn and retain information, and they discuss ways to leverage that.

ABM Expert Guide to Measuring, Testing and Reporting Engagement Data (Engagio)

The world of account-based marketing is still relatively new, and sometimes it can be difficult to nail down which approaches and concepts are the most insightful and valuable. Fortunately for those of us who have trouble wrapping our heads around these concepts, the experts at Engagio talk about engagement data in a way that’s, well, actually engaging. Check out this piece on what you should be looking for when you’re breaking down your B2B deal cycles.

Snapshot by the Numbers: How Marketers are Owning the Journey [Infographic] (Uberflip)

Uberflip recently surveyed over 700 B2B marketers to gather their thoughts and pain points and illustrated them in this colorful infographic. It’s a very good resource for any enterprise salesperson who wants to peer inside the mind of a marketer and have a closer understanding on how they strategize, organize, market, and measure their content experiences.