Do you know how many questions to ask in your next sales meeting with the C-suite? We do. Find out here, plus what not to say in your next email, the big SalesForce update you need to be aware of, and more. 

Salesforce Updates Sales Cloud Ahead of Dreamforce With Automation (TechCrunch)

Knowing the right real-life people to give you insight into your target accounts is invaluable, but there’s no denying that a little IRL strategy combined with the latest technology can make for a powerful selling cocktail. Last week, TechCrunch reported on all the updates Salesforce made to its Sales Cloud platform and all the ways they can make your life easier throughout the sales cycle. 

New Adobe Study Reveals the 9 Most Annoying Phrases Used in Work Emails (Adobe)

Not sure if you saw our last Top Sales News, (re-attaching here for convenience) but as previously stated per our last post, we made a blog entry compiling all the top sales news from the week that was. Did you see it? Please advise.

Hate us yet? If so, you’re not alone—and if you’re using any of the above phrasing in your own emails, you could be accidentally turning a lot of buyers off. Here, Adobe’s survey results revealed the most annoying phrases to eliminate from your email lexicon. (Pro tip: skip to slide 26.)

5 Steps to Creating Personalized Content Experiences for ABM (Marketo)

B2B account-based marketing has proven itself to be more than just a flash in the pan tactic. It’s grown into a full-fledged, highly effective strategy that more and more organizations are adopting to great effect. Unfortunately, the hard part isn’t recognizing you need ABM—it’s actually deploying it. Here, Marketo lays down five tips to help you create the kind of highly personalized experiences you need to be successful with ABM.

Seeking New Sales Techniques? Look Beyond Digital (NoMoreColdCalling)

Speaking of striking the right balance between human and digital elements, a recent McKinsey report took a closer look at defining just what exactly that relationship should look like. With so much emphasis placed on tech, it’s the human touches that can now set you apart when selling.

The Sobering Truth: Why You Can’t Sell to C-Level Executives (Gong)

Questions—you know you need to ask them, but how many should you ask? Too few, and you won’t have enough material to work with. Too many, and your meetings will drag on, never giving you time to get to the heart of the matter and drive your point home. Fortunately, the team over at Gong analyzed audio from thousands of online sales deals and uncovered the magic number of questions to help you hit the sweet spot every time.

12 Strategies That Will Improve Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts (Forbes)

When it comes to ABM, one article just isn’t enough—there’s so much to potentially gain if you do it right. Last week, Forbes detailed a whopping 12 strategies to help you take your ABM efforts to the next level. There’s a lot of insight here, ranging from internal housekeeping topics like how to get sales and marketing to work together all the way to improving outbound communications, like developing personalized experiences and creating targeted, attention-grabbing content that your prospects will love.