If you missed the debut of Top Sales News, we shared some of last week’s best and most useful sales stories. We’ve got even more this week, with some how-tos, updates, and best practices from sources we trust. It’s a quick way to get caught up on what you missed while you were making it rain. 

Adobe Advances Email Marketing, Integration with Other Brand Channels (Adobe)

Finally, an Adobe update notification we love. If you’ve been using Adobe for your email marketing needs, you’ll be thrilled that they’ve taken steps to integrate with other Adobe tools to create a more simplified email experience. It’ll help you learn the best time to send your emails, how to scale personalization, and much more. Read all about it in their press release in the link above.

How to Use LinkedIn Advanced Search to Find B2B Leads (CMSWire)

Even if you’re already a LinkedIn guru who knows all the ins and outs of the platform’s advanced search features, there are still some great, actionable tips in this piece. CMSWire talked to a few industry SMEs and collected their thoughts on making the best of your B2B leads.

Use Video to Turn Your #SalesFails Into Wins (Vidyard)

Vidyard shares how you can successfully use video as an alternative to outbound email strategies. Creating a unique video message and personalizing it to the intended recipient, where you smile and offer a CTA that results in a next step, can be an excellent and easy way to drive engagement.

A Formula for ABM Resource Allocation (DiscoverOrg)

The people at DiscoverOrg have an excellent Whiteboard Wednesday video series where they shoot informative content on sales strategies. This week, they’ve cracked the formula for how smart folks can decide to allocate ABM resources. By asking yourself four important questions about how you’re already approaching sales, you can then quantify how you should be spending your time.

The Ultimate 128 B2B Sales Tools Rankings for 2018 (Nudge)

Lists are fun! Whether we’re talking about the greatest films, most influential records, or cutest-ever pictures of puppies, Buzzfeed-style, there’s something satisfying about compiling and ranking the best of the bestest things. The folks at Nudge have ranked 128 of their favorite B2B sales tools, broken down into categories like CRM software and sales automation, for our listicle pleasure. Which ones are yours?