We’ve got some great links this week, including stories about how ABM buying personas can help your sales funnel, the many ways you can empower your sales team with content, and tips on selling to the C-suite.

Pitch Perfect: Selling to the Chief Marketing Officer (DiscoverOrg)

Want the inside scoop on closing with the CMO? DiscoverOrg talked to Heidi Bullock, chief marketing officer of Engagio to get unique insights straight from the one of the best authorities in the business. By identifying their goals and pain points, knowing where they network, and having a respectful understanding of how busy CMOs are, you can go a long way toward landing an elusive meeting with the head of marketing.

6 Ways To Empower Your Sales Team With Content (Uberflip)

Content’s is for closers—or it would be if they had the right stuff to work with. Sales and marketing should be working together much more closely these days, and the latter should be consistently feeding the former content that’s relevant to their prospects’ needs. The folks at Uberflip put together this list of six excellent ways to make the relationship between the two much more effective.

Traditional Inbound Marketing vs. ABM Buying Personas (CMSWire)

Buying personas for ABM have their own characteristics that go beyond the old-fashioned variety, ones that include data like preferred channels and buyer probability. This article breaks down the differences, as well as how ABM buying personas work with marketing to create an efficient selling strategy that covers all parts of the sales funnel.

Thanks To Better Data, Two Approaches To Account-Based Marketing (Forbes)

TechTarget CEO John Steinert guess-posted this Forbes piece about the two ABM approaches he’s found to be most successful for his clients: overlay and value-add. He talks about what exactly goes into setting up those and how they can work for you. As a bonus, there’s also this in-depth piece Steinert wrote back in June for MarTech on things you can do if you’re struggling with executing ABM strategies.  

5 Sales Tasks That Should Be Automated (SalesLoft)

The average salesperson spends an astounding (but unsurprising) 25 hours each month on the phone leaving voicemail messages and sending eight emails just to set up a meeting, so we’ll take option that can shave seconds of our valuable time. Here are a few tips and apps that help speed up some of the more mundane things salespeople do throughout their day, particularly when communicating and reaching out to prospects.