The Ultimate Enterprise IT Sales Playbook: Selling into IT

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Learn from the best! Boost your enterprise IT sales with insight from former execs at companies like Merck, CVS, Kellogg’s – among others.

Download our Ultimate Enterprise IT Sales Playbook and you’ll soon learn:

  • How to get the attention of busy execs
  • Who the real gatekeepers are and how to identify them
  • The best (and worst) things to say when pitching
  • How to stop deals from stalling or getting stuck
  • How to approach procurement and overcome pricing issues
  • How to convert a new client into a loyal customer

Selling into the enterprise has grown increasingly complex and time-consuming, and succeeding takes deeply understanding the unique requirements of your accounts, their teams, and their entire organization. Selling to IT specifically is even more complicated, requiring a level of understanding, effort and organizational intelligence that can be challenging to obtain. Too often sellers charge head-first into a high-stakes sales effort without having insights into what the actual buyers within that organization want or need—info that no cookie-cutter sales program can provide.

We believe the best way to learn how to sell is to speak to actual buyers. That’s why for this free guide we’ve pulled together former senior IT executives from companies like Merck, CVS, Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson and more to tell us first-hand how they buy, what motivates them and their teams to make a purchase, and what vendors do to blow up their deals.


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