Check out the B2B marketing infographic below for a guide to how account intelligence can drive enterprise B2B marketing success.  Selling tech to enterprise and having the right marketing approach can be a struggle. The buying committee often encompasses people from multiple job functions and departments, so it’s important to understand who buys, why they buy, and how they do it.

Leverage insights at these key touchpoints to improve messaging, drive marketing-influenced pipeline, and execute ABM strategy. A plan based off of incorrect intelligence or too-broad insights can impact the success of your marketing efforts.

Break through the clutter and build an account intelligence framework that will resonate in 2023 with this B2B Marketing infographic “B2B Marketing Guide to Leveraging Account Intelligence”:

b2b marketing infographic


For teams that want a deeper dive into the details and nuances of a top-performing enterprise marketing strategy, find more resources here.


ABM Strategic Insights

In order to create an effective, hyper-personalized account-based marketing strategy, it is essential to use human intelligence to anticipate the full buying committees of your target accounts. By understanding the organizational needs and goals of these groups, as well as their individual needs and preferences, you can craft messaging that resonates with all key stakeholders. Additionally, choosing the right delivery channels is vital to maximizing your impact. Whether you are focusing on email campaigns, social media outreach, or other methods of communication, ensure that your messages are tailored for each particular channel in order to maximize engagement and achieve your goals. With this combination of personalized messaging and strategic delivery tactics, you can truly supercharge your ABM efforts and make a big impact on high-value accounts.


Go-to-Market Strategy

In order to create a successful go-to-market strategy, it is essential to identify the key accounts and verticals that are most likely to buy your particular solution set. By utilizing marketing insights to better understand the different personas within your target market, you can build targeted content that speaks directly to these business organizations and decision-makers. Whether targeting potential customers by industry, geography, or other factors, understanding what drives their purchasing decisions is crucial for breaking through the clutter of competing vendors and getting your product or service in front of the right people. With a well-constructed go-to-market strategy, you can pave the way for growth and success in today’s competitive landscape.


Field Marketing Support

To be successful in field marketing, it is essential to partner with your sales teams and take a strategic approach to pursuing new opportunities. This means leveraging all of the available resources and techniques at your disposal, from Emissary intelligence to customized events and activities. By working collaboratively with your sales teams, you can create focused strategies that are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each prospect organization. Additionally, by carefully analyzing and understanding your target accounts, you can create content that resonates with key decision-makers within those organizations.


Leverage Emissary Across All Stages of the Marketing Funnel

Emissary is a human intelligence network. We connect enterprise sales and marketing professionals directly to our community of over 10,000 talented senior and C-level executives with recent experience in your most important accounts.

The Emissary network provides account and industry data you can’t get anywhere else.  Tap into an insider’s perspective to help you deliver the right messages, to the right person, at the right account, at the right time.  Contact us to get started today.