A year ago at this time, we first unveiled Emissary to the world. Sales intelligence companies were once a contrarian idea, making the case that in a world increasingly dominated by data, human insights and relationships still mattered.

In the past year, we’ve seen some amazing growth. We’ve helped provide transformative insights to thousands of deals. We’ve added thousands of Emissaries to our platform — all of them screened and interviewed by hand to make sure they have the relevant knowledge. We’ve brought on customers ranging from some of the fastest-growing startups to some of the world’s largest enterprises.

All of this has continued to validate our core belief in the transformative power of human knowledge. Today, I’m excited for our company to take two big steps forward in our mission.

First, I’m excited to announce our formal availability to companies selling into IT departments. We know that IT deals are complicated, with long, often-unpredictable sales cycles and dozens of potential hidden blind spots along the way. Do you go bottoms-up or top-down? Line of business or direct to the IT department? What’s the secret to getting past procurement? We have onboarded over 3,000 hand-vetted IT Emissaries who have the inside knowledge that can resolve these questions.

The Wall Street Journal talked to one of those Emissaries. Check out their coverage of it here. 

For example, when a leading data analytics company was deadlocked in negotiations for a deal with HP, they were matched with the perfect Emissary to help — a former Director of the Services Supplies Chain. As a recent HP insider, the Emissary was able to map out the right way to approach them and help our client push their deal through. In his own words:

The procurement team is the ultimate hidden influencer…I helped frame their understanding of procurement as strategic, not transactional. Within procurement, there are multiple buckets of spend…You have to know how buckets are connected and who is working with who. They have very specific processes regarding who to involve. If you don’t know what that map looks like, it’s very hard to know what’s going on.

Second, we’re proud to introduce a new product that makes it easier than ever to get the right Emissary at the exact right moment: Emissary Match.

Customer Matches

Emissary Match takes the pain out of trying to find the right person to help you. After connecting your pipeline to our platform, each time you create a new opportunity in your CRM system, Emissary Match will algorithmically suggest Emissaries who can help you with that account. You’ll be able to review your matches right from your inbox and immediately get started with the right Emissaries.

See the announcement here.

We’re grateful to the customers, Emissaries, teammates and supporters who have helped us on our journey so far to be one of the premiere sales intelligence companies. Our mission is to connect people to the organizations who find their knowledge valuable, and there’s a lot more to come.

(p.s. If you’d like to join us on our mission, we’re hiring!)