The Expert's Guide to Business Intelligence Sales Solutions


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There are hundreds of business intelligence sales solutions vendors out there, and it’s near impossible to know the right use for each and every one of them. As a result, sales leaders too often arm their teams with tools that barely scratch the surface–like tools that help sales teams acquire contact information or locate publicly available information like press releases.

Maybe that’s why only 9.7 percent of companies provide reps with sales intelligence programs in the first place.

Of course, there are many different kinds of sales intelligence tools. Emissary, for example, offers enterprise sales teams access to executives who used to work at their largest accounts. This kind of highly specific, contextual inside data is a critical part of an effective sales intelligence strategy, but we’re not the only tool our clients should use—and we’re definitely not a substitute for an actual strategy. If you want to leverage sales intelligence to generate insights that deliver value across the entire deal, the first step is not to wade into the deep end where the sales intelligence vendors swim.

Instead, your journey starts here.

In this guide you’ll find everything you need in business intelligence sales solutions — questions, prompts, auditing worksheets, and more—to help you build and implement a coherent sales intelligence strategy and get the most value out of both your people and tools. We’re not going to lie, the work required to do this properly will take some time, but in the end, by doing some thoughtful work up front, you and your team will be saving time and money, and improving results enough to make it well worth your while.


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