Every team has an MVP. Any teammate, if asked, would point to the few players who not only give their all every day, but lead within the group, inspiring others to do their best.

Every company has MVPs too. These are the people who are constantly building others up as they reach their deadlines and surpass expectations. There’s a good chance everyone around the office knows who these MVPs are – they’re the ones we go to with questions, to ask for guidance, or to just get a dose of the feel-goods.

We at Emissary have noticed that, within our Emissary community, a few folks have set themselves apart from the pack as well. But these individuals go beyond playing for the team, and we want them to know it. We call them VIPs.

What makes an Emissary VIP?

When we recognize that one of our Emissaries is going above and beyond, we want to recognize and reward them. This is why we created the Emissary VIP Program

Our Emissary VIPs are at the top of their game. They have demonstrated that they are effective and dependable on engagements, and that their value is indisputable.

Clients love working with these Emissaries because of their enthusiasm when it comes to guiding their engagement partner toward success. And these Emissaries make it clear that they find their engagements fulfilling. They show up when they say they will, they’re honest, they’re after success for the client-at-hand, and they go the extra mile when they feel the client has earned it.

Another clear common thread is a VIP’s interest in giving their all, regardless of what’s in it for them. They know their value – we know it too – but the fee is secondary to the experience. Our VIPs are most interested in leading, and in continuing to enjoy the opportunity to lead.

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What does VIP status mean?

When an Emissary is invited to join the VIP program, they are given access to opportunities beyond the traditional engagement model. 

They may be featured by our marketing team in a piece highlighting their philanthropic work as well as their professional experience, like Jodi Watson, former SVP/CMO of Petco, who has been a leader not only for large enterprises, but for young professionals, both women and men, and for environmental organizations like Sea Shepherd.

We also invite our VIPs to join us at our office in New York City for a full day of meetings with a diverse pool of technology companies who are looking to better understand the Emissary platform and all it has to offer. We call these: Emissary Days, and our VIPs thrive on the opportunity to network with dozens of innovative organizations who are hungry for their input.

Similarly, our best Emissaries join us at industry events like IBM Think, Adobe Summit, and VMWorld, to act as a liaison between our team and the wider technology community. Sometimes our clients will invite our Emissaries to high-profile meet-and-greets that they are hosting at events like Formula 1. Only our best VIPs are invited to build a partnership between themselves and our team in this way, and every chance we get to expand their opportunities we take.

The Emissaries we invite to represent us in these capacities not only have the chance to bolster their network for current and future consulting work, but they often receive exponentially higher numbers of requests for engagements, building their profile within our Emissary community, as well as their own personal brand.

Our goal with the Emissary VIP program is to identify our rockstar Emissaries, and give them as many platforms as possible to do what they do best: listen, iterate, and lead.


Become a VIP

Becoming a VIP is simpler than you’d think. The best way to demonstrate to us that you’re VIP material is to knock an engagement out of the park. Demonstrate to our team that you’re not only capable, but excited to work with our clients.

When we’re working with an Emissary who truly enjoys mentoring others, we can sense it. It’s impossible to fake. These are the kinds of leaders we want to empower, and the kinds of leaders who not only bring value to us, to our clients, and to themselves, but also to the marketplace at large. 

We feel honored to work with our VIPs, and we have created several programs exclusively for them, which is why we are choosy about who we invite. We want to invest our resources in folks who we know will take our investment and turn it into something powerful for all involved.

This is what we’re about, after all: investing in people. And when we recognize leaders who do the same, we’ll go our of our way to give them as much influence as we can.

Think you’re a shoe-in for the Emissary VIP program? Send a note to our
Emissary Relations Manager and let us know. We’d be happy to hear from you. 

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