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Insights into the Telecommunications Vertical Modern Tech Buyer

When it comes to selling tech to tech companies, there are some extra wrinkles that come into play. While there is a temptation to talk bits and bytes with your prospects, technology vertical tech buyers are wanting to hear about the benefits from a business perspective and how it will translate into quantifiable value. Make sure you are aligning to the organization’s road map as you build your approach.

Listen to Emissary Advisor Kyle Okamoto, General Manager, IoT with Ericsson and formerly with Verizon Media.


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A Sampling of the Companies We Cover:

With increased competition and technology-driven diversity, companies in the telecom vertical are looking for partners who help them stay ahead of the market. Detailed intelligence about what each telecom account needs from you will position your team for long-term partnership.

Examples of some of the companies that our Emissary Advisors cover:

  • AT&T​
  • BT​
  • Comcast​
  • Cox Communications​​
  • Qualcomm​
  • Verizon​

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Why Intelligence is Important to Selling and Marketing to the Telecom Vertical

Demand for telecom services continues to rise in the post-pandemic era. However, more consumer choice for broadband access is driving up competition, motivating telecom firms to diversify their offerings – moving from communications companies to technology companies. They’re also dealing with a changing regulatory landscape as most federal infrastructure funding will be managed through state agencies.

Sales teams targeting the telecom space can gain an edge by understanding how each account plans to compete and providing thought leadership around pressing business initiatives, such as capturing share in the emerging edge computing space or monetizing investments in 5G security. Base your sales plan on a clear picture of an account’s revenue streams, growth plans, and an accurate assessment of cultural values and the buying process.

Given the complexity of the telecom industry, it may be hard to gain the intelligence you need about the people you’re selling to and how they make decisions. Because of the diversity of their product types, they are increasingly organized by business units; many of which have their own tech organizations.  As a result, selling to them may be like selling to several different companies under the same brand. But an Emissary Advisor can help. Emissary Advisors are recent technology executives at your target accounts. They’ve personally navigated the purchase process, and they know what you need to know to succeed. With their insight, you’ll execute the right plan for the best results.

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“[Advisors] shared insight into the organizational structure and business model which completely changes my strategy & account approach.”

– Head of Enterprise Sales, intelligence provider

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