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In today’s Buyer’s Seat we are going to talk about a strategy which is driving significant technology investments and that is, Customer Experience CX.   

To help us think through that, we are pleased to have Paul Upton with us. Paul has over 14 years of tech and operations experience recently as Director Strategic Enablement and Data Operations for Customer Experience Transformation at Comcast.

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Here are four key takeaways from the conversation:

1.  Customer Experience CX is a bit of a buzzword and those organizations who are really pursuing it seriously have tied it somehow to their financials. It’s more than just a project or initiative that is going to impact people, process and infrastructure . It’s a big deal which means lots of opportunities.

2.  Last year there was this big burst of digital transformation and cx type projects because of necessity. Now organizations are digging a bit deeper into the harder stuff. The stuff that’s going to require them getting their arms around their data, having data analytic tools in place and having some access to some experts who can help them figure out what to do with the data. Sellers and marketers can anticipate this conversation. That’s going to mean a lot of technology spend this year, and a lot of opportunities available in the space. 

3.  Make sure to get as close to the business problem as possible. Going beyond what might be traditional tech personas to talk to the business, who is probably initiating about 70% of these projects. Make sure that you’re not overlooking the people who are actually going to be making the recommendation and have the detail you need. Instead of just going straight to a VP when it might be an executive senior director who’s going to have the most influence in the deal. Ensure you are getting the meeting with the right person, with the right message and the right time.

4.  When talking about CX don’t always start out with a solution in mind, but be willing to start up higher level upstream to talk strategy and business issues. Then, to make sure everything they share from that point on, is very relevant so you do need to have some intelligence in your back pocket and some homework done so that you don’t miss the mark.

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