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Emissaries solve your key sales issues

Because they were on the inside of the accounts you’re selling into

Compete with your better-resourced competitor icon
Compete with your better-resourced competitor
Differentiate in a noisy market icon
Differentiate in a noisy market
Fill in the missing pieces of your account strategy icon
Fill in the missing pieces of your account strategy
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Penetrate a new market easily
Navigate the most complex procurement processes icon
Navigate the most complex procurement processes
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Hyper-personalize your account-based selling

3 ways we do it

Account Strategy

Clarity into the account helps you devise the plan that gets you in. Your Emissary collaborates with your sales team to develop a targeted account strategy with a clear plan-of-action.

  • Discover hidden decision makers and influencers
  • Get the unofficial org chart
  • Chart the best paths for entry
  • Tailor marketing materials and outreach collateral to your buyer

Seller Question

They seemed interested initially but have gone quiet. I need to figure out a way to get back in.

Emissary Answer

Your initial contact is on the way out. Get to the incoming director of IT--he’s looking to make an early impact.

Seller Question

If I knew when they were switching their CRM and which parts of their existing system they weren’t satisfied with, I could plan this pitch way more accurately.

Emissary Answer

They’re strongly considering your competitor right now, but they’re concerned that it’s not nimble enough for their needs. Lead with that angle.

Seller Question

My seller just inherited this account but we really have no idea where to penetrate it.

Emissary Answer

The best way to get in is to go through the marketing group; they have the biggest budget.

Seller Question

I had heard there were certain right-off-the-bat deal breakers for these guys, but I really had no idea what they were.

Emissary Answer

If you pitch against your competitor feature by feature they’ll turn off; go in with bigger picture value and demonstrate respect.

Find Your Emissary Matches

more opportunities created


more meetings landed


fewer hours spent on account research

Opportunity Strategy

Maintaining control of your opportunity helps you push it through. Work with your Emissary to anticipate challenges in the sales cycle and come out the other side faster.

  • Create a killer RFP response
  • Discover internal buying processes
  • Understand key pain points and objectives
  • Tailor your pitch to their personality
  • Convert a pilot into a long-term partnership
  • Prepare for an upcoming meeting

Seller Question

This deal has to close by end of quarter, but I feel like I'm wasting time with people who won’t move this along any faster.

Emissary Answer

If you get the VP of Corporate's ear, she doesn't need to go to the CFO for approval — you’re in.

Seller Question

I know how to speak to the CIO, but I really have no idea on the right way to speak to the GM of the line of business who’s sponsoring the deal.

Emissary Answer

The line-of-business leads are based on ROI; make sure you include ROI metrics throughout the presentation.

Seller Question

We got the verbal--if I can pitch a few relevant add-ons to the deal, I think that could really help push it through.

Emissary Answer

They’re big on implementation, so mention you will give them someone to integrate your solution during the setup period.

Seller Question

If we had understood their procurement process better, we would’ve closed this deal in Q4.

Emissary Answer

They never sign deals after December 15 and you’re dealing with the wrong people; only the VP of procurement can approve a deal of your size.

Find Your Emissary Matches

shortened sales cycle


increased deal size


higher win rate

Custom Solutions

Have your own idea for how to use our Emissaries? We’re all ears – drop us a note to tell us more.

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