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Our solutions include subscription-based network access, engagement bundles, and research reports. Combine and configure these offerings to build an Emissary program for your unique needs.

How We Help

Emissary insights come in many forms. From reports on industry trends to 1:1 whiteboarding sessions with Emissary Advisors, we get you the information you need, in the best format for you and your team.

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Strengthen customer relationships by bringing the “voice of the buyer” into strategic planning activities.

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Tightly link sales and marketing motions to specific vertical issues, personas, and trends.

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Improve productivity by identifying and prioritizing the accounts most likely to buy.

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Boost your lead, opportunity, and account strategies with inside intelligence from former executives.

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Continuously sharpen your edge with just-in-time aggregated insights on key personas, verticals, and accounts.

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Conduct background research on target industries, accounts, and buyer types.

Interested in Seeing How Your Team Can Leverage Our Network of 12,000+ Advisors?

How We Support You

Our expert team of customer experience and account managers works hand-in-hand with you throughout the process. From kick off and program configuration to user onboarding, insights delivery and measurement – we help you maximize your insights.

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Seamless Management with our Powerful Platform

Emissary Exchange is the intuitive user platform that underpins the Emissary program. It helps you easily collect and manage your insights: from initiating advisor engagements to capturing content deliverables and viewing real-time reporting. Our dedicated support team gets you up and running within the platform, and stays connected throughout your program to ensure your success. 

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Powerful Program Management

Track Engagements

View usage metrics, manage account priorities, and see how your team is progressing on an engagement-by-engagement basis.

Oversee Your Program

Track the status of your overall Emissary program, and monitor the progress each seller is making against their priority accounts.

Manage Usage

Manage usage, create visibility, and support approval processes.

Download and Share

Easily access engagement transcripts, recordings, content reports, and library assets to share across your organization.

Your Account Intelligence HQ 


Receive a regular stream of precision-matched Emissary Advisors from our network of over 12,000 executive-level technology buyers.


Instantly review in-depth details on Emissary Advisors, including role, recency, seniority, budgets, reporting structure, and more.


Accept and reject matches to make sure you have the right fit for a successful engagement.


Install the Emissary app (available on the Salesforce AppExchange) to request engagements from within your CRM.

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Ready to Leverage the Emissary Human Intelligence Network?

Get more information on working with Emissary Advisors.

Our Services

Combine our products and services to infuse your entire sales and marketing funnel with inside insights. 

1:1 Advisory Interactions

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Boost your lead, opportunity, and account strategies with inside intelligence from former executives.

Sample conversation topics include:

  • What opportunities exist for me?
  • Which buying centers have a need for my product?
  • Who has the actual power to select my product?
  • How do I position my specific solution to fit?
  • How do I get my deal unstuck?
  • How does the account evaluate partners like me?

Industry Insider Guides

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Tightly link your sales and marketing motions to specific vertical issues, personas, and trends.

What’s Included:

  • Distill industry trends that impact spends
  • Insider perspective on opportunities for your products
  • Analysis of where purchase power resides
  • Messaging and positioning recommendations
  • Key placement venues

Propensity Gauge

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Improve sales and marketing productivity by identifying and prioritizing accounts likely to buy.

Advisors provide insights into:

  • Account familiarity with the product category
  • Maturity of product adoption within the account
  • Make/buy tendency for the product category
  • Perceived urgency and relevance
  • Assessment of product fit into the stack
  • Unsolved problems relevant to your sales intelligence products

Account Briefs

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Level-set account teams with a buyer-oriented snapshot of their targets.

Advisors can help answer these questions:

  • Which initiatives garner the most investment?
  • What excites the executives? Worries them?
  • What buy cycle factors could affect success?
  • What in the culture impacts the way they buy?
  • How does IT fit into the overall enterprise?

Insights Library

insights library
Continuously sharpen your edge by mining aggregated insights on key personas, verticals, and trends.

Library contents include:

  • Organizational buying profiles
  • Selling tips for enterprise accounts
  • Podcasts on trends and buyer personas
  • Research into trends that impact technology buying

Strategic Sessions

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Strengthen customer relationships by bringing the voice of the buyers into your strategic planning activities.

Example Engagements:

  • Sales Kick Off (SKO) keynotes
  • Quarterly business review (QBR) development
  • Internal or external conference speaking (as seen above)
  • Messaging review
  • Long-term deal coaching

Emissary in Action

We make it easy for enterprise sales and marketing teams to implement the Emissary program and capitalize on the network’s insights and intelligence:

“The automated scheduling process has been so easy!”
– Field Sales Executive, Data Management Platform
“The process has been smooth and helpful. Great program.”
– Account Director, CRM Platform
“Fantastic people, extremely helpful.”
– Business Development Manager, Strategic Accounts, Marketing Analytics Software