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Emissary Subscriptions

Commercial teams utilize Emissary on a subscription basis — gaining access to the Emissary advisor network, access to the Emissary library of insights, and use of the Emissary platform.

What the Subscription Includes

Sellers gain insights from in-person conversations with Emissary advisors and from pre-packaged, searchable briefs:

Match with advisors for live conversations

Subscribers have unmetered access to Emissary’s network of 12,000+ buyers. Search the advisor database and schedule live 1:1 conversations. Use inside insights to get into new accounts, accelerate deals and expand relationships.

Mine on-demand insights

Subscribers have access to a library of analysis and insights into accounts, personas, verticals, and trends — all sourced from the Emissary buyer network. Collect more detailed and actionable research, in less time.

How it Works

Emissary’s intuitive platform gives users seamless, 24×7 access to the Emissary network and library:

• Review detailed advisor profiles including role, responsibilities, recency, reporting relationships and more.

Schedule calls and set agendas to maximize productivity.

 Mine the library of curated insights: accounts, personas, industries, and original buyer research.

• Upload your target account list and be automatically notified every time a relevant advisor or resource is added. 

 Share call transcripts and recordings with your account team to collaborate on account plans. 

Our dedicated support team gets you up and running and stays connected to ensure your success. 

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Managerial Reporting

As part of the subscription, managers and program owners can keep track of their team’s activity and outcomes with easy-to-use reporting:

Track usage, at-a-glance, for teams and individuals

Prompt and track seller actions

Review seller feedback and call outcomes

Access call transcripts and recordings for coaching purposes


In addition to Emissary subscriptions, marketing and product leaders can tap into the Emissary network to conduct original research and incorporate the voice of the buyer into internal and external events:

Propensity Gauges — Survey the Emissary network to identify accounts likely to buy, test value propositions, or refine persona profiles.

Strategic Sessions — Utilize Emissary advisors to represent a buyer point of view at Sales Kick Offs (SKOs), external marketing events, internal product focus groups, account planning workshops, and sales training exercises.

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Emissary in Action

We make it easy for enterprise sales and marketing teams to implement the Emissary program and capitalize on the network’s insights and intelligence:

Our President’s Club winners are the ones who use Emissary the most.
VP, Cybersecurity Firm
“The process has been smooth and helpful. Great program.”
– Account Director, CRM Platform
Emissary helped us drop an 18 month sales cycle to 9 months.
– iPaaS Provider